Our intent is to ensure that Geography helps children make links between their own lives and the wider world. It helps them to understand the world in which they live and how it might change in the future. Our Geography curriculum has been written to ensure it fosters children's interest in their surroundings, to develop a sense of place and a sense of responsibility for the care of people and the environment.


The Brookmead Geography curriculum places a strong emphasis on acquiring geographical knowledge and applying it purposefully to develop pupils' capacity to think geographically. This also develops the capacity to reason, and use evidence to develop hypotheses and justify thinking. As with all of our curriculum, Geography is taught through systematic enquiry which prompts pupils to ask and answer questions about the world around them and how human activity and location are inter-related.

Our Geography curriculum celebrates diversity through an inspirational curriculum which links to themes in History (where this applies). Links across the curriculum ensure continuity of experience for our children and deeper learning. The attached document details our progressions in skills across the school from foundation to year 6. Within school, we also have this broken down in termly coverage to ensure further building of skills.



Commitment & enthusiasm

Caring for others

Confidence & self-belief


Teamwork & cooperation

Honesty & fair play

Showing respect

Encouraging & supporting others

Taking pride in our learning

Being positive & ready to learn


In addition:

  • Learners have a growing knowledge of the world and their place in it.

  • Learners have a wider vocabulary of geographical terms.

  • Learners aspire to discover more about the world, through reading, travel or the media.

  • Learners develop their geographical skills, such as, evaluation, creativity, problem solving and enquiry.

Geography Overview .pdf

Geography progression in skills.pdf

Overview of Geography focuses and progression of skills:

Brookmead geography progression (Curriculum) .pdf