Digital Safeguarding

Technology at Brookmead

The Brookmead Positive Behaviours Online

At Brookmead we use technology to help our learning. Google Apps for Education enable us to collaborate with each other and share our learning as well as access resources to help our learning online. We are kind, helpful and gentle and do our best – these behaviours help to keep us safe online.

We use Chromebooks at Brookmead to teach computing and to support our learning.

By following the Brookmead Positive Behaviours Online we can stay safe online and be respectful and responsible users of technology.

  • We do not give information about our home address, phone number, send a photograph or video, or give any other personal information that could

    • be used to identify ourselves, our family or our friends and where we live.

    • We understand that not everyone online is who they say they are and that online friends should only be people we know and trust.

    • If we see anything that makes us unhappy or worries us in any way, we will show a teacher or a trusted adult who will know what to do to help.

    • We do not share images of others without permission.

    • We understand that some websites are not suitable for children and we will not use them until we are the right age.

    • We do not share our usernames and passwords.

    • We will always sign out completely when we have finished using Google Chrome or Frog to make sure our work and any data that is shared is secure.

    • We understand that not everything we read online is true or reliable.

    • We expect all adults to help us stay safe online, whether we are using technology in school or at home.

    • We do not send messages or post anything online that might be hurtful or upset others.