Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)


Our intention in our PSHE and RSE curriculum is to ensure that our children are able to express their views openly, learn about emotions and what self-regulation means for them.  Children learn about the diversity of people’s life experiences through a broad and rich PSHE and RSE curriculum.


Our RSE education ensures a safe, secure and honest learning environment for our children. Learning in PSHE relates closely to our school culture, which is supported through our Vision, Values, and Positive Behaviours which are lived by all members of our school community. For example, children use the Zones of Regulation across the school and this is demonstrated by the language embedded within the school culture. Children in the lower end of the school express their emotions in terms of colour referring to the ‘Inside Out’ characters, whereas children in the upper end of the school use the Zones of Regulation language more explicitly.

Learning in Computing (Digital Literacy & Digital Citizenship), History, Geography, RE, and Science also provide opportunities for purposeful links with learning in PSHE. A  diverse curriculum is delivered, for example, in Year 3 children explore different family structures and the links with their beliefs. Children across the school are comfortable to share their own experiences with each other and broaden their own understanding.

Learning is brought to life across the school  through school trips and learning experiences: In early years, for example, children recreate scenarios using drama and role play. In year 3 children hold lively debates and discussions within the classroom. 

In developing our curriculum for personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education at Brookmead School, we have drawn on guidance and resources developed by the PSHE Association, Carol Dweck's work on Growth Mindset, and Leah Kuypers's Zones of Regulation, which teaches pupils how to foster self-regulation and emotional self-control. We encourage the children to have a positive growth mindset and understand that it is ok to make mistakes. This is implemented by using purple polishing pens to correct mistakes in their work. 

Our full PSHE and RSE curriculum overview and progress in skills can be seen below. Our RSE policy is also below.


Through our teaching and learning in PSHE and RSE we challenge, we inspire and we ensure children achieve: 

PSHE and RSE Overview.pdf
PSHE & RSE progression in skills.pdf
RSE Policy.pdf