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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision 
Bringing learning to life and life to learning 

Our Goals 
To provide a distinctive learning experience
To be at the heart of the community
To champion innovation in learning and engagement
To be an outstanding school

Our Values 
Commitment & enthusiasm
Caring for others
Confidence & self-belief
Teamwork & cooperation
Honesty & fair play
Showing respect
Encouraging & supporting others
Being positive & ready to learn

The Brookmead Experience
At Brookmead we provide a learning experience that brings our vision to life and enables all our pupils to:
Enquire, explore and discover
Be excited by their learning
Find what they’re good at
Ask questions
Rise to a challenge
Be curious
Wonder and be amazed
Be proud of their achievements
Think for themselves
Want to be part of the team
Be happy
Be confident
Care about others
Be themselves

Our Expectations - the Brookmead Positive Behaviours

We are kind, caring and helpful.

We listen to others and try to understand.

We put others first and help them feel included.

We are polite to everyone we meet.

We show respect for our environment and equipment, and take care of other people’s things.

We use kind words and phrases.

We keep ourselves and others safe.

We are truthful and take responsibility for our actions.

We treat each other fairly.

We are positive and ready to learn.

We believe in each other and encourage everyone to succeed.

These are the behaviours we expect from all members of the school community.