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Behaviour at Brookmead

Pupils understand that high expectations of behaviour are an important part of upholding our values and ensuring the well-being and success in learning.  The Brookmead School Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies can be downloaded from our Brookmead School Policies page of this website.

Our Expectations of Positive Behaviour
We are kind, caring and helpful.
We listen to others and try to understand.
We put others first and help them feel included.
We are polite to everyone we meet. 
We show respect for our environment and equipment, and take care of other people’s things. 
We use kind words and phrases. 
We keep ourselves and others safe. 
We are truthful and take responsibility for our actions. 
We treat each other fairly. 
We are positive and ready to learn. 
We believe in each other and encourage everyone to succeed. 
These are the behaviours we expect from all members of the school community.

At Brookmead School, we have high expectations for all children’s conduct from the moment they join the school. At Brookmead School we all have a responsibility to ensure that our actions do not inhibit the rights of others.  Staff always look to praise children for their good conduct and behaviour, and in so doing, encourage and reinforce good behaviour.  There is continuity between the expectations of pupil behaviour within the classroom and in the playground. This continuity is maintained through appropriate levels of supervision during break and lunchtimes and clear communication between staff. 
Building on the understanding developed at home, children are taught about the difference between right and wrong through Personal Health and Social Education lessons in the classroom and through assemblies which they attend. Through the use of stories and role play, children are shown that in all situations they have a choice regarding how they behave. They also learn that they must take responsibility for the choices they make; this includes learning from their mistakes.
It is particularly important that pupils inform staff if they have a problem that they cannot sort out themselves.  We encourage pupils to feel they can express their concerns freely to a member of staff, we recognise that sometimes children find this difficult. Parents should raise any concerns they may have regarding pupil behaviour directly with the school. School staff can only act on what they see themselves and what they hear from the pupils or parents. Once informed, the school will investigate problems carefully and sensitively before reaching a conclusion. The school will work with pupils and where appropriate will also involve parents to help resolve issues and find an effective way forward. 
Bullying is not tolerated at Brookmead School. Incidents of bullying are taken very seriously, as are incidents of racism or any other discriminatory behaviours, and are dealt with by the Head Teacher or an Assistant Head Teacher.