Behaviour at Brookmead

Pupils understand that high expectations of behaviour are an important part of upholding our values and ensuring the well-being and success in learning. The Brookmead School Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies can be downloaded from our Brookmead School Policies page of this website.

Our Expectations of Behaviour at Brookmead

At Brookmead School we take responsibility by:

● being kind, helpful and gentle

● being honest

● being polite and respectful

● looking after our property and our environment

● doing our best

These are the behaviours we expect from all members of the school community.

Our staff refer to these expectations all the time in discussions with children about any behaviour.

We actively encourage our parents to refer to these at home as well - these then become a set of expectations that children can live by.

At Brookmead School a key part of our Behaviour Policy are the 'Zones of Regulation'. These are a research based approach to support children with understanding how to manage their emotions. There are four zones - red, yellow, blue and green. The aim is for our children to understand how to regulate in each zone and what they can do with each emotion. For example red represents feeling angry or agitated - we teach our children how to self regulate when they are feeling this way. It is okay to feel angry, there is no shame in any emotion, it is how to regulate during that time that is the important learning experience.

We have a nurture room at Brookmead School - this is a quiet and safe space where children can go when feeling worried or emotionally overwhelmed in any way. It also serves as a sensory room for children who require that additional support. Each year group shared area has a nurture space where children can go to help them to self regulate and be positive and ready to learn.

Brookmead School has a dedicated Nurture Lead who works across our school to support any children - anything from big life events such as bereavement or events such as falling out with a friend. Our Nurture Lead also supports our families and works closely to ensure all our children are in a place where they are ready to learn.

Pupils belong to one of four houses: Herons, Magpies, Kingfishers and Robins.

Pupils belong to one of four houses: Herons, Magpies, Kingfishers and Robins. Various sporting and educational competitions are held throughout the school year when all children have a chance to represent their house. Children also receive House Points in recognition of a particular commitment to learning or a contribution to other aspects of school life, including positive choices. Certificates are given to pupils when they reach 50, 100 and 150 house points within a year. Each house has an elected House Captain and Vice House Captain from year 6, these are our Pupil Voice Leaders.

Bullying is not tolerated at Brookmead School. Incidents of bullying are taken very seriously, as are incidents of racism or any other discriminatory behaviours, and are dealt with by the Head Teacher or an Assistant Head Teacher.

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