Brookmead Practice Journals

The art of purposeful practice

To be really good at something we need to practise. This means not just doing something over again, but doing something over again in a way that helps us get better at it. We call this purposeful or deliberate practice. This is true not only in sport and music, but also applies to developing our knowledge and skills in any area, including reading, writing and mathematics. At Brookmead we talk about not being able to do something ‘yet’. This is because research shows that the amount of time we spend trying to master something through purposeful practice is a greater indicator of success than what we might call ‘talent’.

The Brookmead Practice Journal is a way of helping pupils (and parents and teachers) keep track of what they are practising and how often. By keeping a record pupils can see how they are improving their knowledge and skills as a result of regular practice at home. This will also build confidence, resilience and their ability to rise to a challenge.

Pupils in Years 1-6 are given a new Practice Journal in September and in February; pupils in Foundation Stage are given a Practice Journal in the second half of the autumn term. Practice Journals contain guidance for purposeful practice. An electronic version of the guidance for purposeful practice can be downloaded from this page.