At Brookmead our intent is that the History curriculum focuses on developing historical reasoning through studies of British Historical events and others worldwide. Learning is about how to be a critical thinker in terms of Historical events.


At Brookmead learning in history is organised through systematic and purposeful historical enquiry, enriched through learning visits and visitors. Our learning requires pupils to ‘think like an historian', therefore historical enquiries help pupils develop historical perspective and competence in using historical evidence and sources. 

It is important that children make links to their learning across the curriculum to deepen their knowledge and understanding. Where applicable, our History curriculum is enriched through links with our Geography, English and Art and DT curriculum. 

We have structured the curriculum to ensure that diversity is the golden thread that runs through it through our studies in both British and World History.  For example, when learning about the Roman period of British History we learn about the’ Ivory Bangle Lady’. 

In key stage 2 we teach History chronologically to aid children's understanding of time periods in History. 


Through our teaching and learning in History  we challenge, we inspire and we ensure children achieve: