Aly S

Shiny Spooky Nights

Even on the darkest and gloomiest nights

The sun till shines through.

Instead of hearing the Werewolves’ howl that bites

I hear the sounds of the Toucan call

Soaring soundly like a kite.

The pitter patter of the rain flows onto my window,

But you know it will be gone by daylight.

The streetlights flicker,

And the spooky car keeps driving by.

But if I just imagine,

Everything will be alright.

Or will it?

Picture Time

Snap, Snap.

The camera flashes

AS time passes.

I sniff the large red flower as I read the book titled Eiffel Tower.

In the other room, Dad is having a party,

But does he know, tomorrow at work he will be tardy.

I smell gross like baby oil.

My sandwich for dinner was covered in foil.

The air conditioning blows my hair,

But where is my underwear?

Mom brings me up to my room.

Outside fireworks boom.

Mom kisses me goodnight and flickers the light.


The cave was very dark and gloomy. Little mice scurried along the dirt floor trying to find food for their young ones. Small rocks fell from the gigantic ceiling. Moss and little bushes covered the walls and the sides of the dirt floor.

As Steve walked he felt like someone was following him. Every couple of steps he turned around to see. His heart was pounding as fast as a cheetah sprinting across the safari. His flashlight flickered as if a ghost were controlling it.

Suddenly, there was a snap of a stick and a scream. Steve started to run, and run. He didn't know how far he was going, but he just kept running. He ran into spider webs and small rocks kept falling on his head.

From an observation, Steve thought the walls were closing in and the ceiling was getting smaller. But he just kept running, and running, and running, and finally, he saw someone in front of him with a glowing object. He started to run faster towards the glowing thing. BAMMM!!! And he was out like a light.

Aly’s Story

Chapter One

Sitting in Pre-Algebra, listening to Mrs. Brown constantly whine over what she calls, “Her long, lost husband,” is not what I was imagining.

Mrs. Brown is a very unique lady. She drinks her cinnamon sugar black tea with a pinch of salt every morning. She has a whole stack of tea bags sitting in the corner of the room. I am not sure if that's what the stench was, or the gym air coming through the vent.

The Pre-Algebra room is the old wrestling room which is right next to the gym. Blue mats cover the sides of the walls, and the floor is unfinished. The desks squeak every time someone writes on a piece of paper that lies on top of the desk. You can barely put your full body weight on the chair before it breaks.

“Oh Bob,” Mrs. Brown cries, as she sinks into her chair. “He always had that grumpy face that made me smile. And then, the military had to take him for a private mission,” we all mouth. She tells the same story everyday and we all know it by heart.

“Beep, beep,” my alarm clock buzzes as it finally hits 7:30 a.m. I slap the snooze button and throw off the covers. I walk out of my room, down the hallway and turn right into the bathroom. My 7 year-old brother, Henry, was sitting on the toilet solving a crossword puzzle.

“Come on!” I yell. “You could at least close the door when you're going to the bathroom!” I walk out of the bathroom and down the stairs. My mom is already starting to make pancakes, and my dad is sitting at the kitchen counter reading his newspaper and sipping his coffee.

“Hi, sweetie,” My dad said as I sit down at the stool right next to my dad.

“Did you sleep okay?” My mom asks.

“I guess.” I said scooping up some blueberries and plopping them onto my plate.

“So, are you excited for your second to last day of 6th grade?” My dad asks, setting his newspaper down.

“Sort of,” I said plopping a blueberry into my mouth.

“Why wouldn't you be excited?” My mom asks. “It's your second to last day of 6th grade. No more homework or any projects.”

“I don't know, I just feel like today is going to be the same old, same old,” I said. “My Pre-Algebra teacher cries everyday about her husband who somehow is lost in war. My reading teacher thinks he is so funny, and all he does everyday is tell us jokes about reading facts. Literally. I hope he doesn't do that for the rest of his life.”

“Well it's the second to last day so at least make the most out of it,” my dad said, taking a sip of his coffee.

“I FINISHED THE PUZZLE,” I hear Henry scream from upstairs in the bathroom. He runs down the stairs and comes into the kitchen to show us. He holds the booklet with both of his hands and slide the book through the air slowly.

“Great now go back upstairs, flush the toilet, and wash your hands,” my mom says, flipping a pancake. He runs back through the kitchen doorway, down the front hallway, runs up the stairs, and into the bathroom.

“I am just going to go get ready for school,” I say, jumping out of my chair and walking on of the kitchen.

“Make sure you are back down here in,” she says, bends over to check the time on the clock, “15 minutes.”

“I’ll try,” I yell back at her. I walk down the front hallway up the main stairs. My bedroom is on the right of the house above the garage. Its nice having it above the garage because I have a little balcony hanging of of my glass double door. My room is light blue, and the theme of the bedroom.