Narya H

October 20, 1939

Hi, My name is Jennifer Smith.

I have 9 siblings. I used to have 10.

The 10th died. His name was

Bobby. He got trapped in the house when

the storm was going and because

of that we have to go to California.

When we get there we are going

to have a funeral for Bobby. R.I.P.

Bobby. California is my new home.

Blue Teeth

I promised Zeus to laugh slowly or he would

Strike me across the sky with his

Lighting bolt and leave me on a

Deserted island. The phony ant

Makes fun of me when I laugh

slowly. I scare him off with my

mouthful of bees. Ouch ! The

bees stung me. Now I have blue teeth!

Have beautiful blue teeth !

I am

I am beautiful.

I am wondering about the future.

I am hearing cars beeping.

I see people.

I want peace.

I am pretty.

I pretend I’m famous!

I feel joy.

I touch fabric.

I worry about the world ending!

I cry when I'm upset.

I am amazing!