Isaac W

I Will Live in a House

I will live in a house where it won’t matter what you do.

You can wear purple pajamas, eat a succulent peach, run around

Randomly. Basically, I will act normally or willy nilly!

Now, here’s what my house will look like.

I will have a fabulous working bathtub, seven rooms not including

Small room you can’t get to unless you know they’re there.

I will have eight people living there including two dogs.

The yard will have a small stream with fish.

You will know me by my dogs and my many hidden rooms.

The Doll

(inspired by a photo of two children and a doll)

The children sat on the hard wooden floor. It was hot and stuffy. It was 1923 and the Great Depression was well on its way. They worked hard each day for only one cent. If they stopped a bit they’d lose their whole earnings for the day. Their parents had no jobs of their own so the entire family counted on them. When they got home, they’d have five minutes before a very small dinner and after that a free hour before dinner.On Sunday there free hour was before work and they had a hour for church.

Now , you might think why is this story called “the doll” and what very poor children do in their free time.

Once they found a doll. A one foot doll.The boy didn’t say “ eww dolls are girls thing” because the doll was all he had. So in times of hard all they had was that doll.

The Dog

The dog wanted to sleep but the smell of old, dusty things

coming from their house stopped his sleep.

The lady next to him yelled at somebody.

Maybe it would all get better soon.

I Am

I am imaginative and intelligent.

I wonder, why do we need air?

I hear the distant sound of talking.

I see the castle all around and the throne I sit on.

I am imaginative and intelligent.

I pretend to rule on a great throne.

I feel the design on the wood behind me.

I cry for the dog soon to be dead.

I am imaginative and intelligent.


This is my color mysterious fog.

It’s the blue that covers villages

with red and caramel roofs.

Surrounding trees,

it is that blue.

This is my color mysterious fog

that has strength and power,

yet simple and calm.

It is mysterious in its ways

the mysterious fog.


“It’s a really good Indian restaurant,” a man said. “It has a lamb shank,” the man grunted. He suddenly groaned. Then he continued talking. “They also have fresh salmon dinner.” To anybody this would have been strange behavior, but they would have ignored it. Theo needed to put his full attention to it.

A man reading “Phantom of the Attic” beside him grunted and groaned. This isn’t good, Theo thought. He tried walking as fast as he could without looking panicked. It wasn’t working. A woman riding a truck that said I.C.E. Iron City Express had a white tentacle sticking out from her. She grunted and groaned. Great, now the enemy is driving a truck, Theo thought.

Suddenly, a man came up to him. “Hi, my name’s Reece,” Reece said. “Some people call me Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup. I can cheer people up.” “Why do you need to cheer me up?” Theo asked. “Because you look worried of course,” said Reece. He seemed to think this was obvious. “I’m just worried, that I’m late,” lied Theo. “Oh, I’m sorry,” said Reece. Theo had lost track of the enemy. He looked down an alleyway with a gate keeping him from going down it.

He turned around and looked at a truck covered in pictures. The person in the truck must have liked Star Wars because there was a storm trooper painted on the car. Just maybe...he thought. “Hey,” he said to the person in the car, “do you like Star Wars?” The man was surprised. He looked around, “No” he said finally. “Okay,” Theo said with a smile satisfied.

The car turned onto South Pidred Street. Theo followed. He couldn’t see the car. Then he saw Reece, he was swearing. The Reece he had met wouldn’t have sworn.Unless he was possessed. He took out a circular object. White electricity came out of the object killing the alien that wanted to kill him and other people.


It's February fourth, 1935. I’m leaving Jonesville, Texas with my family. Where am I going? I don’t know. My first priority, though? Stay alive. Yeah, I’m kinda being over dramatic, but you don’t have a sense of being over dramatic when you almost die.

I open the door. Dust slammed into me, I flew across the room, I grabbed two of my favorite stones from my rock collection. I hurled one at the door. The door started to close. I threw my other rock. The door closed. I threw all my rocks into the bag on my shoulder.

We ran to the second floor, dust raining down on us from above. The storm died down, giving me and my family enough time to open a window and slide down the high mountain of dust that had formed. Me, Ma, Pa, and my brother Paul ran, handkerchiefs over our mouths. Wind started blowing in the other direction. It was harder to work against the storm but it was easier to die running from it.

As we ran the huge storm got closer and closer. The storm covered us. Then the wind died down, leaving me suffocated under a pile of sand as big as my chances of dying, which meant pretty big.

Oh did I tell you? My name is Charles. The only people who don’t know this should read the last sentence right now.

Anyway, as I was saying, a bit of wind saved my life by blowing most of the dust off and leaving me to claw the rest off. A mountain of sand covered Pa. I started to uncover him but just as I was one claw away from saving him just as a heap of dust landed on me and just as I was about to get up a grain of sand made the pile so heavy I fell. This happened again and again and I cursed every grain of sand that made it just a bit heavier.

I finally just laid down, making a sacrifice, and clawed the sand away from Pa, leaving him free but suffocating myself in the process. Then suddenly the sand lifted, my father clawing away at the dust. We ran out of the dust storm with Ma and Paul.

“Run to the place where the wind isn’t blowing hard,” Pa said, his voice muffled by the handkerchief.

We would run there because the dust wasn’t very fast. That’s also how we could tell where the wind wasn’t blowing hard. And if you didn’t know that you should really read the last sentence.

We all ran there but Paul had trouble because he got stuck in the middle of the storm, but he struggled through. We all took off to a train that had stopped because of dust blocking it’s way.

A frantic man dug at the last pile of dust. After he finished he ran into a boxcar that had it’s door open, he closed the door. We ran into another boxcar that had it’s doors open. We closed them. Now here is the last sentence that I mentioned three times; if you didn’t write this diary this is none of your business.

Untitled 2

“Come here, boy,” spat Milo’s father. Suddenly, a big booming sounded and a chair beside Milo burst into flames. Milo’s father spun around. “Kill subject one!” said a strange figure in a helmet with a weird space suit on who had suddenly appeared in the room with them. Five more figures stood behind the first. “What the…?” said Milo’s father. “RUN!!!” shouted Milo. They charged past the figures and out into the front yard. There was a strange craft sitting on the lawn. It was a metallic green tube, about the size of a car. There was a door in the side of the tube, and it was open. Milo, suddenly gripped by a strange impulse, ran through the open door, his father was running after him. As soon as they stepped inside, the door shut and the spaceship -- because that is what it was -- began to move.

Later, thirsty and hungry (there was no food on the spaceship) a red light shot from the walls hitting him and making him full and hydrated. I don’t need any food,thought Milo.

A couple days later, (Milo didn’t know how he did it) he pressed a button. Suddenly a video popped up on the wall. “What is our mission ?”said the figure in the video. That was something Milo was wondering since those figures had came. “Our type of species changes whenever we go to a different habitat. When we go to different planets our feelings change as well as our looks. We record our kind on different planets. On earth people are angry and aggressive. Now that we know this we kill all the subjects. The video ended, leaving Milo stunned.

We landed where subject 2 was, Milo left his dad in the spaceship. Milo had always thought his dad was grumpy because he was stressed about his job and because his partner was boring. And his partner was boring because she was bored. But they were both aliens.

Milo burst through the door. He ran up the stairs and ran into a random room. One kid was there with one grown up. “Run, people are coming who are trying to kill you’” screamed Milo.

To be continued...