Payton S

Bread Crumbs

“Well, will you do it?” my manager asked.

I nodded nervously.

He grinned, and started flipping lever and switches. I sat down in the old wooden chair as a beam of red light was blasted at my body. I winced in pain as I shrunk to the size of a bread crumb.

“A simple molecular transmission using a device I made myself,” my manager told me.

“Is it safe?” I asked nervously. Anything he made wasn’t to be trusted.

“Of course!” he exclaimed, and then mumbled a “not.”

“Why is it not safe?” I yelled, still on the seat of the wooden chair, afraid if I jumped my life would end.

“Because I am using you to befriend the ants and the anteaters,” manager said.

“So basically I have to befriend predator and prey and I can go back to normal size?” I asked, and he nodded, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

The ants were the easy part to get content. I next tried the anteaters. They immediately sucked me up.

Never trust Mr. Manager.

White Lethal Fatal Tissues

In the magical land of Pittsburgh lay a very fatal weapon; White Lethal Fatal Tissues.

There was once a person who found Fatal Tissues.

He thought nothing of it, and blew his nose, and was dead in a minute.

Nine more people blew their noses into the Fatal Tissues.

The detectives were on the case of ten missing people.

I was the only one who saw all ten deaths.

For I am the inventor of White Lethal Fatal Tissues.

Le’ Oni

The children of Le’ Oni swam through the depths of the ocean. Their green bodies radiated off the cool blue ocean water.

The schools of fish fluttered through the ocean, getting in the way of the kids.

They reached the coral, where the Treasure Class was. Their job was to find objects to impress the king and queen.

One young girl found a green-blue necklace with black splotches. She quickly swam through the ocean to the castle of the king and queen, and set the necklace on the “To Be Examined” pile.

The very next day, there was the queen on live TV, wearing the necklace the little girl found.


The ominous 2-D three-body snake known as Jeff slithered through the jungle. He would hold his prey with his three bodies, insert venom with his tongue, and stab them with his horns.

One day, a young boy about the age of twelve, tried to find Jeff the Snake.

He immediately recognized the 2-D three-body snake.

Jeff slivered up to the boy, who jumped back in fear.

“Name?” he hissed.

“Jeff.” the boy replied.

“I will keep you alive, for your name is like mine,” the snake said.

So let this be a warning to you; if you are not named Jeff and you see the 2-D three-body snake, you’d better run for your life.

Grass Cookies

Down in the outback was a school for animals.

Inside classroom 102 was the Zebra classroom.

“Today class,” Mr. Zebra neighed, “We will be learning arithmetic.”

All of the zebras groaned; they did not like arithmetic.

“There will be a test on Friday. Whoever gets an A will get a grass cookie baked by the Elephants in room 177,” Mr. Zebra neighed.

The Zebras started cheering and immediately started studying every free moment they had. Grass Cookies were very delicious.

When Friday rolled around, Mr. Zebra wasn't there!

Zoe Zebra neighed.

“Where is Mr. Zebra? We need to get the grass cookies!”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s sick,” Zach Zebra replied.

The class neighed in agreement.

Just then, the grim reaper appeared!

“Hello class. I am your substitute teacher. Mr. Zebra is sick,” the grim reaper boomed.

The class quickly galloped to sit down.

“Mr. Zebra informed me if you get an A you get a grass cookie. Here are your tests,” he boomed, and used dark magic to make the tests appear.

On Monday, everyone got an A, except Zolton Zebra. He got a B.

The next day, Mr. Zebra galloped in with a tray full of grass cookies. Everyone took one but Zolton Zebra.

“Zolton, come get a grass cookie,” Mr. Zebra neighed.

“But I didn’t get an A! I got a B!” Zolton cried.

“No, everyone gets a cookie! I only said that so you guys would study,” Mr. Zebra laughed.


The ink spot on the paper is magic.

Some see a glistening sapphire in the midnight sky.

Some see icebergs right against a frozen river on a quiet night.

Others view the first light of dawn over the North Sea.

Few see magical dreams of sweets

Very few see a deep blue kaleidoscope.

But those with no imagination, see an ink spot on the paper.