Gia B

Beach Daze

The cool breeze flies around.

The waves coming up and down, with very little sound.

The birds flying gracefully through the sky.

Unfortunately, it’s almost time to say goodbye.

The large ferris wheel going round and round,

The drums from the music starts to pound.

The bikes going all different ways,

While my family and I are all catching rays.

As the waves were starting to get to high tide,

I looked for a surfboard that I could ride.

As I looked around, I saw people laying in chairs,

They looked very relaxed and gave no cares.

I also saw some kids playing and building a sandcastle,

While others, it looked like they were in a hassle.

Then my mom and I had a little talk,

And I asked her if we could go to the boardwalk.

My mom agreed to this cool suggestion,

And hoped my dad and brother didn’t give us rejection.

He willingly said yes,

He said it was fine, he guessed.

We walked over, hoping to win a prize,

As we were walking, something caught Noah and I’s eyes.

It was a bright and colorful cupcake,

Something that we love to bake.

We asked for a few tokens to play,

Because tokens is how you’re supposed to pay.

Noah threw the ball and missed twice,

I was starting to lose hope, and wished this game involved dice.

He took his last shot, and it was a miss,

I was the complete opposite of bliss.

I still had a little bit of hope because it was my turn,

I got very fired up, and told my brother to watch and learn.

I threw the first ball and it didn’t hit the spot,

The ball didn’t make it to the pot.

I threw the ball,

With all my angles, I gave it my all.

I made it into the pot, how happy I was.

Everyone cheered, the crowd was a buzz.

We decided to leave right after that,

How angry my brother sat.

I tried to cheer him up while we walked to the beach,

I told him that I have a lesson to teach.

I told him that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose,

It matters that you try, and don’t snooze.

Determination is the key to success,

You can sometimes be at the bottom, or you can beat the rest.

All you have to do is try your best,

And you can do great amongst the rest.

The Love of the Game

The vibration of the ball hitting off of the bat,

My coach yelled and said, “Just like that!”

The crowd cheers as I’m rounding first base,

Hopefully, I can make it to second base without a chase.

I made it to the base right on time,

I loved hearing the sound of the crowd. It was quite a chime.

Oh boy, was I happy!

But my coach yelled and told me to make it more snappy.

The next hit was another hard double.

Thank gosh I made it home, or else I would’ve been in trouble.

We ended up winning 14-7,

It was our first win, and it felt like heaven.

Softball is the game that I love,

It doesn’t take much except a ball, bat, and glove.

Softball is a sport I prefer out of the rest,

In my opinion, I think it’s the best!

When You Lose Someone

Mourning a person that you will always love,

There are obviously things that could come above.

You continue to miss them day after day,

But eventually, the pain will start to go away.

You miss the person that they were,

It could have been a him, or it could’ve been a her.

Some of the people you never got to meet,

If you got to meet them at least once,

It would’ve been a treat.

The person you lose could be big or small,

It’s nice if you got to meet them at all.

They can be close to you, or they could be far,

Just never forget who they are.

I will never forget my dear little brother,

I’m thankful for the support of my dad, brother, and mother.

I love my family just the way we are,

Even though sometimes they are bizarre.


Heaven on Earth, that’s what I like to call it.

The gorgeous clear water covers the land.

Family fun, all around.

Take me back to the Bahamas, I’d go any day!

A Tale as Old as Time

One more rose petal falls to the ground,

When the last petal falls, the beast will never be able to be crowned.

He was a man who all the women had a crush on,

He would dance with them at the ball till dawn.

There was a lady whom the prince called ugly,

After that happened, things got yucky.

The lady set a curse upon him,

His life could be sink or swim.

He had to find someone he truly had feelings for,

A girl that was perfect for him and more.

He found a princess named Belle,

Little did he know, she would be the one to break the spell.

She was gorgeous and had a kind soul,

If he let her go, he would be a fool.

She’s the one that showed him what love really means

As soon as he found out she was the one, he became the king and she became the queen.

This was, a tale as old as time,

The story is quite a dime.

True love is truly magical,

But if you don’t find the right person, it can be tragical.

The Beast gets hurt, and Belle was there,

She comforted him with a lot of love and care.

She took care of him as if he were her father,

She didn’t want to seem as if she was a bother.

In the end, Belle and the Beast were a perfect match,

They fell in love and the beard was detached.

The Beast turned back into a king,

And Belle was the queen, with a new ring.

Finding New Joy

Bright colors spread joy,

Painting and hiding rocks is something that people enjoy.

People are encouraged to paint and hide the rocks,

The rocks can be hidden far, or maybe a few blocks.

This group is bringing different families together,

The rocks can be hidden all over the world, in all different types of weather.

Seeing a smile on a child’s face,

It doesn’t matter the time, nor the place.

“Giving is better than receiving,” many of the people say.

It’s an activity that can get some stress away.

It’s rewarding to make other people smile,

A smile can go on for miles.

All Because of A Mushroom

I tripped over a mushroom and fell into an underground cave. Everything was happening so fast as I fell. The world was green, then it was yellow, and then it was red. I was bamboozled by what was going on, but I had to maintain my calmness. I found that I was in a cave full of destruction. They had the weirdest items down there like feathers and flip-flops. I saw pizza on the table and assumed it was a midnight snack.

As I was looking around, I heard a voice above me that said, “Welcome, to the Luckyman’s Cave. You are here because you are special. You will be given tasks to complete in order to win the treasure. Take your time and be careful. 98% of the people don’t make it back above-ground. Good luck.”

As he finished his speech, two doors opened. I wanted to escape, but there was no way out. “Man, I really hit rock bottom. LITERALLY! But the one good thing is that there’s only one way to go and that’s up!” I proudly said. I walked straight ahead and colored lights started flashing and there were buttons.

“Choose the color of happiness,” the voice said.

“Yellow!” I thought. “Yellow is the color of the sun!” I pushed yellow and it took me up a tube.

“Remember the pattern “1,2,1,2,4,5,4,5,” the voice stated.

“Psshh, this is easy!” I said confidently. But, the floor turned to tiles of colors. The colors were blue, red, yellow, green, and orange, and all of the tiles had the numbers 1,2,4, and 5.

“Choose wisely on the color that you choose,” the voice said. I took note of that.

“The last activity had me choose the color of happiness, which was yellow. That must be it! Follow the pattern, and step on only the yellow ones!” I thought. I did so and made it across. When I made it across, there was a key. I picked up the key and unlocked the door. It was a room full of gold.

“Congratulations, you are smarter than the rest for finishing this test!” I picked up the crate and a tube pulled me up and took me back to where I started.

“All because of a mushroom,” I thought. I walked back home and enjoyed my treasure. Too bad it was only just a dream.