Joshua Y

Don’t give up!

I work hard all day, stacking bricks until night.

Drowning in sweat, I’m tired

from lifting stacks of bricks.

My back feels as if it would

Be ready to snap. My hands feels broken and

feels ready to crack, but I keep telling myself

Don’t give up!

For two years, I've had this job, and

Now I feel like retiring. All of a

Sudden, I’m given more bricks to

stack. These bricks feel as if

They were made in solid gold.

They are extremely tough to

lift, and I feel like I want

To quit, but in my mind, it says

Don’t give up!

After stacking brick after brick,

I see that I’m almost done.

Hope rises through me like

An erupting volcano. Happy

With joy, I could fly like

an angel. So I tell myself again

Don’t give up!

Chaos in a peaceful park

In a peaceful park, a fountain

sparkles with happiness.

With water flowing through it,

this fountain reflects everything

that is joyful. This fountain is filled

with beauty and art.

With statues carved intricately,

everyone in this park feels

Calm. They all feel at

peace near the fountain, but

All of a sudden screaming

and erupting children run all over.

These children run like psychopaths

and ruin the peace for

Everyone who's in the park. They look at

these children as if they were cave

people from ancient history.