Luca A

The Chase

I raced through the woods, barely dodging trees as they appeared in front of me. The full moon was at its highest point. “WHIZ!” An arrow whistled past my ear and thudded against a nearby tree. In one fluid motion, I spun around and hurled one of my throwing knives at my pursuer. I was a spy, and well, I got caught. I couldn’t see whether I had hit my target, but I still heard the racing of feet through the fallen leaves behind me. Adrenaline pounded through me as I sprinted through the trees, narrowly avoiding a particularly large trunk. “WHOOSH!” Another arrow. I blindly hurled another knife. Searing pain shot through my leg as a blade sliced through my skin. It was shallow, but I couldn’t outrun the assassin. I reached for another knife, but I had no more. My only chance was to stand and fight. Before I was caught, I was able to see how the warrior trained. He sometimes left his right side open. I would have to use that to my advantage. I drew my fighting knives and whirled on my opponent. The assassin didn’t slow one bit, but I firmly held my ground. The gap between us got smaller and smaller, and I prepared to die. The assassin lunged and I parried to the left. He stepped back, taking his time. Watching me with predatory grace, he paced back and forth like a cat. After he appeared satisfied, he sheathed his shorter knife and drew a wicked looking scimitar from his back and grinned a cruel grin from inside his dark hood. I attacked first, pressing hard on his weaker side. The forest rang with the sound of steel on steel, and our blades glinted in the moonlight. I feinted to the right and was able to land a glancing blow on his leg. His blood shone on my knife as I prepared for another attack. It started up again. We whirled and spun and clashed and slashed. A tornado of steel and death. Yes! There it was! My adversary swung blindly to the left leaving his right side completely exposed! I stabbed, and my blade pierced through leather and flesh. I didn’t win more than a grunt and a wince from my foe, but he was slowing down. He swung hard at my head. I ducked, and brought my arm up, severing his hand as my blade cleaved through bone. As my foe fell to his knee, I thrust my blade up into his gut. I grimaced at the gore, wiped my blade on his cloak, and fled off into the night.

A Rock

Strange almost circular shape.

Bands of black

As empty as death.

Flat, dirty gold peeks through.

God watches everything.

Small flecks of silver, purple, blue

Symbolizing the whole of the universe

In a small beautiful form.

Mermaids Exist

Mermaids exist. That is what my father always told me. He was right. I was a captain of a ship. The greatest ship to ever sail ‘dem seven seas. Tha’ Drunken Gull! Oh, she was a beauty. Oh, of course, she was 60 hard years old and rottin’ away. Oh, and tha’ bowsprit was broken, and tha’ rudder was wearin’ away, and tha’ sails were tearin’ and tha’ steel wuz rustin’ and the hull was crackin’ and the capn’s quarters weres’ nothin’ but a decaying cot and a mug o’ cheap mead. Me ship was skirtin’ the edge of a big rock protrudin’ from tha’ water, and all of o’ sudden, I heard cries o’ surprise and excitement. I came out to the poop to see wut wuz all tha’ commotion, and I saw all of me crew lined up on the port side, yellin’ and wavin’ at Lord knows wut.

“Capn’! Look! Look at them ladies on tha’ rocks!” Sure enough, three beautiful women lounged on the rocks, with, wuz that Seaweed fer clothes!? Then he heard somethin’. Somethin’ he hadn’t heard in a long, long while. Singing. It wasn’t the loud, bawdy music of his crew. No, this was elegant, and beautiful. He did not know the language, but he could tell what it was about. It was about a lover. A sailor. Searchin’ for his lost love.

“Bring ‘em aboard!” I shouted over the ruckus. There were whoops and hollers and whistles of pleasure. He wanted to go with the rescue party. “Prepare a longboat!” Once a longboat was lowered, a few select sailors and I climbed down the rustin’ ladder and into the boat. His men rowed furiously, eager to meet the angels bathin’ in the sun. Soon they were approachin’ the large, jagged rocks. The ladies stretched and watched them with fierce yellow eyes. “Hi,” I managed to get out, but it sounded rather like a giggle. The closest demon, one with fiery red hair, delicately waved her hand, motionin’ for me to get closer. I didn’t notice how close I was until our noses almost touched. I hardly had time to scream as wicked fangs tore out my throat. “Mermaids!” wuz me dyn’ thought.