Camille B

I Am

I am interesting and weird.

I wonder about the future.

I hear a light turning out.

I see a flash of purple lightning.

I want to live forever.

I am interesting and weird.

I pretend to be a dragon.

I feel a bee’s sting.

I cry about my broken toy.

I am interesting and weird.

I understand the story.

I say we need more hope.

I dream to leave the ground.

I try to understand.

I hope to fly an airplane.

I am interesting and weird.

My Fortune Cookies

1. You will be helped when you need it most.

2. Difficult times are passing by you.

3. Life will bring you happiness.

A Fish’s Life/Morning

Today I wake up to the sound of my heater buzzing again and the cool waves rippling over my paper-like gills. Not a lot of stuff happens here and it pretty much starts out exactly the same way: I wake up. Someone, (usually a tall man with silver hair) comes downstairs. Then, he makes a “liquid soil” apparently called “coffee” and feeds me these pellet-like shrimp things that taste really awful! Personally, I would like to try some “coffee” too, but you can’t have it all your way. Today, I waited forty-five minutes before I was fed (and before you ask, “no, I can’t tell time” there is a clock on the table). Of course, breakfast is not exactly “fun” but I still have to eat you know. After breakfast, I swam around for a bit, then I played chase my tail (honestly, it is not the most fun game in the world, I just don’t know how dogs make it look so awesome. Then, I swam some more and then it was time for bed. I would like to write more but not much besides that happens for me each day.

I Will Live in a House

I will live in a house with a red roof and a purple door. We will have succulent and tasty piranha in a large tank and an old brown bookshelf that has books scattered on it at random. When you walk inside you will notice how squished together each room is. The walls are so thin that you can hear someone talking from another room. The walls on each floor are white with black polka dots and all of the pillows we own are yellow and overstuffed with feathers sticking out. We have two pink bathrooms, two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a dressing room where we keep all of our clothes. We live in New Zealand on a tall grassy hill with dark blue rhododendrons growing all around the front of our house. In our backyard, we have fruit and vegetable patches where we grow our own potatoes, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach and of course, green beans! We also have orange and apple trees and a small brown shed outside with the paint peeling off.

The Blue Rock

Today I was reading outside on my porch,when I noticed a small dark blue rock on the ground.I picked it up accidentally dropping my book,and noticed that when I turned it over it had written on it “PICK UP YOUR BOOK ”in big loopy bright pink letters.I picked up my book and the words disappeared and in the exact same handwriting came “WILL YOU HELP ME?”


Do you have a map? I asked and in instantly one appeared on the surface. We followed the map down to an ocean but no one was there. All of a sudden, the blue rock turned into a boat and I climbed aboard.

We were sailing for forty minutes when I noticed a small island with a cave. I steered the boat toward it. When we got there, we headed into the cave and found it lit with hundreds of candles. We headed into another tunnel also lit and found a woman in stripes sleeping and a red boat on the floor next to her and in the boat there was a suitcase full of money. I recognized the woman from the newspaper. She was a famous wanted criminal. I called the police and they came right away and took the sleeping woman away. The rock turned back into a boat and we sailed home.


Blue tasted like frost on a cold day

Like a swimming pool with the strongest taste of chlorine in the world

Like a cold day where you can taste the coldness in the air

And then again, it tastes like a warm hug or a wave of warm dark water with enough salt to fill a bucket

Or the shivers you get when you see something truly terrifying

Or the taste of sadness that’s sometimes in the air

Or perhaps even the blue ink of a pen that will never stop writing

Or even the blue of a warm coat that has slowly dissolved over the years.

Wish (based on an old photo of a dog and his master)

I was hungry and tired

but neither came

to me.

Other than that

life was boring

and slow.

Everyday I wake up


so I try to go


to sleep


nothing works,

I can’t forget.

Maybe someday

it will all



My shadow wears sidewalks and grasses and streets. My shadow follows me everywhere even when I don’t know it. My shadow likes to hide in other shadows of things and wait there until it is ready to come out. If we met somewhere it would be between two trees in the middle of everything. We would just sit there and be two happy things in the world. My shadow is me and knows everything about me, so when we meet we don’t talk we just sit. My shadow does not eat anything. It is no particular gender. It does not wear any particular cloths. It’s just the color of what it is on right then. My shadow is me and we both know it.