Elise L

Middle of Nowhere, Texas

“Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, I love that smell, but where is it coming from?” That's what I was thinking about while I walked up the steps to my one story ranch in “The Middle of Nowhere,” Texas. As I opened the door, the flavor was shouting at me. I could feel the heat of the oven and could taste the flavor of… Wait who was here baking and what were they baking? My mom was always working, she’s a pediatrician, and my dad is a Youtuber who is always working on his videos. I was left to wonder who it was? I never see my mom because she's always working. She missed my birthday which was two weeks ago and she misses all of my art showcases for my art program, and my dad is either on tour or working on a video, but he will spend time with me when we can.

As I get closer and closer to the kitchen, I just get more puzzled and puzzled on who is baking. As I turn the corner, I couldn't believe there was no one there.. I was so excited that maybe my mom had come home from work early but no, no one was there. The oven was on, so my dad had to have done something with it. I started up to my room, but my mom stopped me on the way, I was so excited to see her. I had not seen her in two weeks!

”How are you here?” I exclaimed. “Don’t you have patients to tend to?” I questioned.

“I knew I had to come home to see you, I haven't seen you in weeks,” she said very excited.

“I'm excited to see you, but what is in the oven?” I asked

“I made you a cake, for your birthday” she answered.

“Thank you so much, I thought you had forgotten.”

“I would never forget,” she defended.

“Where's dad?” I wondered.

“He’s in his office, why?” she said.

“He should be here when we have cake,” I said.

“Ha ha ha, we’re having a party with family and friends, silly,” she said laughing the whole time.

“Oh yeah, that will be fun. I hardly get to see them since we live so far away,” I said

“Well, we live in the ‘Middle of Nowhere, Texas’.”

One Million Years

On the first day of the one millionth year, I found a three dollar bill in my hamburger at a snap food restaurant. I thought, “Wow, I didn't know that they made these and how did one get in my hamburger?” I didn’t think too much of it, ate my burger, took the bill, and then went on my way.

Later that day I was watching TV and there was a PSA about a three dollar bill being out somewhere in the world and if you had it you could turn it into the GOVERNMENT for twenty-five billion dollars. First thing I thought was, “Where is the GOVERNMENT?” They had taught us in school, but that was fifteen years ago. I had many more questions, so I called the number on the screen. I got an operator right away. They had to be another species, the voice that the creature talked in was about fifty octaves lower than my own, They kept saying why I should be calling them over and over and over, until I spoke.

I said, “My name is C-125, and I have the three dollar bill.”

“Well then, you must come down to the GOVERNMENT in Mimamini,” said the weird voice in the phone.

“When do I come down?” I questioned.

“Now,” the voice boomed through the phone.

“I will catch the next flight,” I promised.

“Good,” said the mysterious voice on the other end and he hung up. I ran straight to my room and packed clothes for a week. I could be there for an hour or a month, so I pack clothes for a week. i can wash them every week if I have to. I also have to book the next flight to Mimaini, I need to hurry. Ran out the door once everything was ready and the car had just pulled up as I ran out the door. I am so excited I can barely sit still in the back of this SUV. Finally I am at the airport. I jump on my flight and everything goes smooth. We get to Mimanini with no problems. Three dollar bill still in my hand, I sprint to the luggage, then to the car that is taking me from the airport to the GOVERNMENT. Once we are at the GOVERNMENT's headquarters, I sprint to the building I was told to go to. I get to the guards I tell them my name, age, address, then show them the bill.

To Be Continued