Siena Y

I Am

I am young and naïve.

I wonder what the secret of life is.

I hear a whistle in the wind.

I see a fairy dancing about.

I want to redo life.

I am young and naïve.

I pretend I am a fair maiden.

I feel a magical touch.

I touch a unicorn’s mane.

I worry about the world ending very, very much.

I cry for the earth’s ruined places.

I am young and naïve.

I will never say give up.

I dream that the earth can be fixed.

I try to help people.

I hope everyone will be successful.

I am young and naïve.

The Secret of Life

Walking and walking, all of my life passing the Cathedral and the University and more.

A utility store, a barber with a nice smile.

Nothing can help me not even for a little while.

I pass a guy with a cane, he says “hi.” I ask him “What’s his name.” He says, “Bob.”

I pass a tree in front of Luca’s it is soft but prickly to the touch.

After I look at that tree, I see that it had an impact on me.

So, then I pass a noisy truck. It smells awful but I don’t mind.

Now, every place I pass leaves an impact on me,

which teaches me to be me, just me.

I Am a Dog

I am a dog, I cannot see anything but black and

white. My owner does not pay any attention to m. She is working to earn money for her family. I try to sleep but there is too much noise. I am very unhappy with my life. Fleas bother my sleep and I am so tired. The creaky floorboards do not help either. I am so tired and I long for sleep.

I Remember

I remember the time I rode the Twilight Zone ride at Disney. We went up so high and down so low. I was so scared that I want to get off. But my dad held my hand and I got through the ride safely and without a scratch. Now, I can ride that ride anytime I want to. It feels really good.

A Doll’s Perspective

I am held by my loving owners. They care for me a lot. They have to hide me or the other kids will take me away. Before, I had a greedy owner. She played with me horribly then, she just threw me away. Even though my owners are poor and in an orphanage, they care for me. I am so glad that they found me in the dumpster. The little air vent is my friend’s safe spot, it warms them and me. My old owner took my clothes away. But my new ones sewed some new clothes. I am very grateful for them. I am happy now.

The Night of the Symphony

Instruments playing along to the song. A conductor who instructs the song. The trombones play a superman tune.While the conductor acts like a goon. He puts on a superman cape and earmuffs to block out the tune. Then all of a sudden a jedi named Obi Won Kenobi comes out and uses the force without conducting. Next, a Yoda three feet tall turns a bit taller. Along with Chewbacca giving a holler. At the end because a lack of an encore found disturbing an Imperial March is going.