Samuel S

The Castle

The night was fresh as the sleek black car rode through the dark gates of the cold, abandoned castle. The person inside the car saw the statues and suits of armor move ever-so-slightly in the windy halls of the castle entrance. The dark wheels slowly stopped in the darkness.

The halls were made of stone and bricks, some had grown moss, and some were cracked to the point of almost breaking under the weight of the castle above. The Explorer knew what he was looking for: the Atlas. The object had such powers to the point of making one immortal. He walked further into the castle looking for a way into the dungeon.

As he looked, he found nothing. He then tried to find a secret passageway in the walls. He pressed on a brick and was shocked to see his hand go straight through it. Then, he realized the whole castle was an illusion.

He had failed, the real Atlas’s location was still unknown to the explorer, but he would find it, he swore an oath that he would not rest until the Atlas was found, to win the War… He let that last thought sit for a minute as he walked back to his sleek black car to continue searching for the Atlas.

The War… It had all started when the aliens attacked earth in a fiery rage, forming an alliance with the Tunnelers, an ancient underground race that sought revenge on the humans. They started by attacking small towns in the countryside, and then moved on to smaller cities and towns, and last but not least, they started taking over country by country. Forcing people to evacuate, the aliens obliterated everything from fountains to skyscrapers. The Atlas was the only way to stop them...

There’s a ghost in my house

I hear the creaking in the walls,

in the walls, on the ceiling,

sometimes even in the floor.

I hear the footsteps in the attic,

In the basement,

In the halls.

There’s a ghost in my house!

My Mom said his name is Adam.

I believe he might be the reason

For the strange things that happen.

The footsteps I hear in the night.

Maybe even the reason I wake up

In the middle of the night.

There’s a ghost in my house!

He could be the reason for why I hear

footsteps upstairs when I am home alone…

He could be the reason for why I hear

someone speak when nobody talked…

There’s a ghost in my house!

He’s welcome to stay and

roam through the halls,

when he comes.

He is not scary, he is nice.

Even though

he wakes me up in the night.


There’s still a ghost in my house!