Evan L

My Life As a Dog

Just another day where I barely get a breadcrumb to eat. Oh, hi, my name is Cornflower. I am trying to go to sleep because I am so hungry. My owner Jen won’t stop talking to our neighbor and so I am awake. My owner is poor and is a slave for a man named Ricky whose owner is just despicable. I live in a constant state of fear, it is the 1930’s and I am hungry.

I live in fear.

Ode to a Football

Oh football.

I hurl, I toss and throw you. And sometimes, just a couple of times you hit the turf! You are smooth, leathery and feel great to touch. Your eyes sparkle in the sunlight when I throw that Hail Mary pass.

Oh football.

I Will Live in a House

I will live in a house with 9,000,000,000,000 square feet. The outside of my house has a purple front door and a wild, willy-nilly looking chimney. There will be two people living in my house, me and my adopted son named Jack. He’s four and he’s from Kenya. Jack and I love making succulent steaks for dinner. Our house is in Barcelona. There is an indoor football field. There are seventy two fireplaces in many random rooms. My house is in the center of the city. You will know me by my unique sense of humor and my huge house.

I Am

I am a learner and energetic.

I wonder how wide the galaxy is.

I hear the call of a unicorn

on the breeze.

I see the ocean spray

with the salt water foaming.

I want a big, furry dog.

I am a learner and energetic.

I pretend

I am a starter for Dartmouth and

I play striker with.

I feel like a 9,000 year old

wildebeest stomped

all over me this morning

when I woke up.

I touch the blue

skies of Pittsburgh.

I am a learner and



If I were invisible I would scare people. If I were invisible I would have to run around naked. If I were invisible I would help Russia win wars (because my mom is Russian!). If I were invisible I could go anywhere I like. I could go to football for free. I could also go to all the baseball and hockey games for free too! Awesome!!

Tribute to Yellow

Sandy, yellow beaches ,

rays of sunshine on my shoulders.

Yellow makes me feel happiness.

Yellow makes me feel smart!

I look at yellow and

it warms me and it is warm

On my heart.

I feel light and soft

As a feather when I see ,

yellow .

Journal Entry I

July 2, 1932

Frankfort, Kentucky

My name is Jack. We are leaving good old Frankfort, but, I am up for the adventure. Oh, how rude of me! I forgot to tell you why we were leaving. We are leaving because there was a huge dust storm that was three times taller than the highest building in Frankfort. It covered all the house in three feet of sand. I have to go now, adventure calls. Bye!

August 3, 1941

Montgomery Alabama

As I was smashed between a man with a jukebox playing a snoring song and a lady without her nice old purse. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Miles. I got an invitation to a rich man’s party that’s because my friend’s brother’s step sister’s aunt’s husband invited me. I heard that he has one thousand baby grand pianos! I am going to hop on an old train to get there. We are going to have bagels and cream cheese. The invitation was made out of silver and bronze. I have to go .

I am really, really hungry, so bye!