Weidi L


Nobody sees me. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad. I travel the world without anyone seeing me. Sometimes I switch bodies just for fun. I can make you or break you. I fly and I walk. I watch people come and go, but nobody sees me. Some people think I am Jesus Christ, while others say I control day and night. I create world wars if I am bored. I have been here since the start of space and time.

I am the past, present, and future. Some say I am the Omni King, others say I’m an angel with wings. No one knows what I could be, or they would fear me every day. In the black nothingness, I was the very first burst of light.

I am the savior for all souls in the universe who cry out for peace, but still nobody sees me. I just want to be heard. Just even a word.

Some people would love my powers, but soon you would be bored. I am omnipotent. I create and destroy all things. All humans are my children. I can be intense. I can be innocent. Some people call me the one above all.

I am short and tall. I am smart and dumb. I am energetic and numb. I am everything. I am mystical and magical. I am everything, yet I can’t be seen or heard. Out of all the mysteries in the universe, I am the most mysterious one.