Javier D


“CHANGE THE SIGNAL!” Those were the last words I heard before plunging into darkness. It was a Friday night when we first arrived by boat. I was already ready to go home, but I knew it would be another week until I could. Of course, instead of going home, I was on a boat to a deserted island with my friends. The island that we were going to is called Cave Island. Can you guess why? It is famous for its huge caves with lots of minerals. Actually we heard that we would be staying with a group of geologists that have already spent a week there. I can’t imagine sleeping in a damp cave. My friend Felix is really excited because he has been researching it for two days now and apparently they have one-of-a-kind minerals. Yay rocks. He told me to bring my old walkie talkies with us. Why? I don’t know, but I don’t really want to. All of a sudden the old boats intercom crackled to life. An old man's voice came through the sad excuse for a speaker. He had a really deep voice that reminded me of my friend Charles who is actually flying in with Tiffany tomorrow. (Tiffany owns a helicopter because she won the lottery.)

”We will be at the island in another half hour. Please gather your stuff from below deck and……” Then I fell asleep.

“Wake up it’s time to go,” said my friend Charlene, who is the brother of Charlie.

Case#2 S.O.S literally:

It happened so fast. We all crashed on a desert island that wasn't so deserted anymore. After spending one week in a government facility in the middle of the island, I learned that the island used to be inhabited by lots of natives and also young children who went to a summer camp there that taught about the natives’ religion and also was just a huge and pretty awesome camp. They all mysteriously caught a disease that changed them into monsters by altering their souls. By souls I mean sound of sanity. The virus is called S.O.S (Strain Of Super virus.). It also causes rapid evolution and because of the island’s hostile environment it turns them into horrible monsters. Although evolution still takes years, just billions and billions of years less. The worst part about it is it is spread by body to fluid contact. Like skin to blood. They still look humanoid, but are terrifying. Luckily they didn't keep their smarts otherwise they would be a huge threat to humanity.

Lucky for me, today I will be facing them. The government has led many expeditions out to try and capture and study the relics thought to cause this, but didn't have enough men with high enough ranking and formal training so they're sending us. Quite coincidentally, we were a plane of survivalists on the way to audition for survival of the year. So we are getting sent out to find a relic or die. Or if we can’t find one, be excluded from shelter or freedom until we can. I was the sixth one out and decided to go to a nearby camp that the kids used to explore the nearby temple. When I walked in the first thing I saw was the first person let out with a gun, a knife, and some ammo. I picked it up in preparation for whatever killed him. I walked into the facility which was through a long tunnel. All of a sudden I heard a scuttling sound coming from the ceiling. A huge baby (Well, not huge, the size of me, but as a baby) scuttler which is what we call the monsters due to their spider-like arms and legs. It was coming at me at full speed. I shot at it, but it jumped down and lunged at me. I stabbed it with my knife, but not before it cut me. I could feel blood dripping, but wasn't infected luckily. I would be able to tell by me being able to see black in the eyes of my eyes.

Color poem

As he sits at home, not but a two-year-old babe, his mom watches football

Black and white flash across the screen as the brown ball flies through the golden gate like a brown drop of water splashing from a puddle as a five-year-old plays in the rain.

Blue rain falling from a blue sky being watched by an eight-year-old on a clear day at the beach

He lies on his back as the cool water tickles his feet

He throws pitch black slate at a wall and watches it break in three, two, one

FLASH the movie reel is rolling and a ten-year-old watches himself on the screen very pleased by his accomplishment

Then the bright lights turn on and burn his eyes like the white sheet of paper that a twelve-year- old has his pen tip tapping across as he writes a color poem about his life.