a collection of resources for teens living during the COVID-19 pandemic

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developed by students in the Spring 2020 class of IS 404 Young Adult Literature and Resources at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois

With contributions from Sophia Beltran, Kimberly Killday Crews, Margaret Donnelly, Catherine M. Dudley, Mariel Fechik, Chalyn Fornero-Green, Halka, Jennie Mayfield, Kim Miklusak, Zoe Nepolello, CJ Porter, Tammy Marie Pullum, Rachel Ratajski, Dustin Regibeau, Ian S. Reed, Erin Rush, Mariah Mendes Schaefer, Terri Smith, Lea Weatherall, Robyn Whitlock, Elizabeth Yolich, and other class members.

Please contact Rachel Magee at rmmagee AT illinois DOT edu with questions or for materials in alternate format.