The House of Desire/La Maison du Désir

Conrad Hamather & Lea Nickless at Swamp Space

Artists Lea Nickless and Conrad Hamather will present The House of Desire/La Maison du Désir, a collaborative installation that will open February 9 at Miami’s Swamp Space. The exhibition will include a pop-up boutique and other references to the luxury retail industry as well as works that continue the dialogue between the digital and the handmade.

Conrad Hamather has been creating sculpture and installation work with a discourse on body and architecture for the last two decades. A faculty member at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Hamather teaches in the Department of Fashion Design.

Artist and curator Lea Nickless is interested in the unseen, the subliminal, with what is beneath the surface. Her monoprints and a time-lapse video feature layers of pigment, shape and text.