Jeffrey Noble

Gary Fonseca

Diego Guzman

Emmett Moore

Jason Hedges

Gustavo Oviedo

Jose Felix Perez

Johnny Laderer

Mario M. Gonzalez

“Low Tide shopping” is an expression that refers to the act of retrieving debris from shorelines which have been left behind by high tides. The title alludes to subconscious ideas rooted into people as a result of their environment. Most of the pieces presented were created by the

artists without prior knowledge of this show, later to be chosen for their correlation to one another and unique interpretations of their shared surroundings. Together, they highlight how strong of an effect our environment play on our lives, subsequently the subject matter and concepts explored are each a bi-product of these experiences. Whether through mere accumulated observation or an active process of exploration there is a common denominator in which these works connect.

Join us Thursday, June 12th for the first opening reception at the new 'Swamp Space' location.

3940 North Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33127