Swampspace Gallery 3940 N Miami Ave 33127 Swampspace is melodramatic in presenting: GISELLE’S MUSIC CLUB

Opens September 14, 2019 7-11pm

Giselle is best recognized as the hugely popular tragic opera of the 19th century.

It tells the story of love stricken youth tangled in deceit, supernatural forces of reprisal and ultimately love redemption.

For our season premier we present a musical program featuring a sampling our best and brightest; Haute Tension, Das Sad and others.

Welcomed also is our guest of honor non other than swampy prince of rhymes, Marcus Blake.

To round out the night we flood the gallery walls with an incomparable photographic survey of the Everglades by the exacting eye of Logan Fazio.

Finally, join us for the after-party of 305 Collective FeCuOp Antenna exhibition at Locust.