Toward a New Indigene - AUTOCHTHONOUS

OPENING Reception: April 5th 6-10pm - Closing: April 19th

As global destinations become more accessible and the psychic distance between us shrinks, we enter the realm of the autochthonous. In scientific terms most things are classified as animal, mineral, or vegetable. Those labels of the material world fall short in the understanding of who we are as totalities in space and time. Toward a New Indigene-AUTOCHTHONOUS celebrates a world re-defined by cultural coalescence and a blurring of identity.

This exhibition aims to distinguish splendid indigeneity from intellectual confines of the canonical west. We move towards a new indigene where indigence is banished to a conspicuous linguistic asylum. We celebrate diversity of craft and character so that all may comprehend the culture of orality of first nations.

Hypothesizing the mysterious contents of the metaphysical world, autochthonous pride arises from a declaration of ones presence. We adapt new forms with our collective muscle memory to celebrate all spiritual origins; from the without of another earth. Who would deny that we are more than the sum of our parts.

Featuring works by Marcus Blake, Charo Oquet, Houston Cypress, Reinier Gamboa, Carol Jazzar, David Rohn, Nicole Salcedo and Franky Cruz.

Special Guest: Anne Marie Miller brings to us treasures from Indigenous Celebration, a non-profit organization empowering indigenous communities on tribal lands of Rio Gregorio in Brazil. With a shared mission to preserve the Amazon rainforest and the wisdom of its people, we are honored to showcase wearable crafts and beaded creations from the Yawanawa tribe of Brazil.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors:

Stephanie Ansin and Spencer Stewart, Miami Design District Associates.