Draft: October 6, 2017

Oliver Sanchez, the director of Swampspace, is thrilled to present our premier signature exhibition for Miami Art Week 2017:

Kiki Valdes

The Drawing Chronicles

Opening Reception; Friday December 1, 2017 6-10pm

Open December 1, 2017 - January 1, 2018

"The world is at an eclipse of nuclear chaos and personal communication has been replaced by smartphones and dating apps. Love has lost it's old feeling. My drawings are in search of love. The world is crazy and I just want to feel 15, have butterflies and draw comic books. I feel that's why I've engulfed myself back into drawing. For me, is how it all started." - Kiki Valdes

The recent works of Kiki Valdes are a maniacal storm of ink on paper. The drawings are delicate yet aggressive compositions of comedic abstractions and figurative visions of the artist’s recurring dreams. Mr. Valdes skillfully appropriates ethereal art history themes of captivating muses, love triangles, social angst and piercing anguish. His ability to convey depth captivates viewers with a unique and powerful sense of emotional engagement. The work leaves us satisfied with our desire for beauty, humor and social relevance.

Special thanks:

Miami Design District

PBR Miami

LaLlave Coffee