Swampspace presents Coworker presents Swampspace presents Coworker

Journey Without Maps

Brandon Opalka

Dave Marsh

Nicole Doran

Dave Kudzma

Freddy Jouwayed

Erin MatthewThurlow

Sarah Moody

Steve Moser (neon)

Jeffrey Noble

We are pleased as porcupines to announce an ignominious collaboration among a sampling of the more formidable forces emerging from the cultural geyser of Miami arts awakening.

In the archaic tradition of referencing our quintessential concept of workplace the COWORKER Show strives to unravel the absurdity of a 9am to 5pm job rhythm. We are taking stock of the Monday through Friday construct. Generally our job sites are populated by ones coworkers such as dubious allies, insidious nemesis, convoluted superiors presumptive equals and otherwise anyone who you would not fratenize with outside of the office.

The irritating quip "business is business" fails to include workplace exceptions as explored in the short film The Secretary by Cindy Sherman where she gingerly offers a witty and nuanced compliment to corporatism. Another film, the more popular Office Space conveys a spirited look at the classic big business office climate that readily makes for scattered hilarity in the forecast of the absurd. The Coworker is about odds and probabilities but it's also about the mentoring of mindsets and the offering of assistance in the way of a "leg up" to the uninformed, the misinformed and the misaligned. All things considered, Coworker gets the job done, albeit in overdrive.