solid state electronics

Our core is solid state electronics which definitely is ever evolving. We will see proliferation of electronics in our daily life more and more. To know about our efforts in solid state electronics, browse:

Our approach on solid-state electronics is focused on brain. Brain is the most intriguing natural object which processes complex information base, stores and makes challenging decisions using enormous number of interdependent complicated set of variables. Thus, understanding brain can help us to build amazing artificial intelligence (AI). At the same time, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) nearly one quarter of the world’s population suffer from neurological disorder starting from depression to Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, understanding brain can assist us in helping those who are suffering from such illnesses. At the moment, interestingly both the government and the industries are pouring in resources in brain related research. Now, brain has 82 billion neurons and in intracranial space there is only 64 cm2 space available for probing. Therefore, it is nearly an impossible task to probe all the neurons specially brain itself is a folded architecture. With space limitation, another important consideration is human body cannot tolerate more than 2°C/cm2 temperature rise. Therefore, we have to develop biocompatible, potentially bio-resorbable, the smallest possible soft sensors. Plus we have to develop integration strategies which can maximize the number of sensors to use all the available spaces and placing the required interface transistors away from the soft tissues to save space and reducing heat dissipation affect.

Therefore, we focus on: