experts (doctorates)

Adrian - The executioner from Mexico

Thesis: Robust hierarchical architectures for comprehensively compliant semiconductors (Summer 2018)

After graduation: Start-up, KSA

Joanna - The flamboyant from Lebanon

Thesis: Affordable and Scalable Manufacturing of Wearable Multi-Functional Sensory “Skin” for Internet of Everything Applications (Fall 2017)

After graduation: Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Medical Engineering, Caltech

Arwa - The steady hand from Saudi Arabia

Thesis: Integration strategy for free form solid-state battery for wearable and implantable electronics (Fall 2017)

After graduation: Assistant Professor, KAU

Rabab - The persistent from Saudi Arabia

Thesis: Toward cost effective crystalline silicon photovoltaics: integration strategy by rational design of materials, process and devices (Fall 2017)

After graduation: Assistant Professor, KAU

Aftab - The sage from India

Thesis: Extending Moore’s law for Si CMOS with device geometry and material interplay (Fall 2016)

After graduation: Post-doctoral fellow, Harvard University

Ghoneim - The curious from Egypt

Thesis: Flexible memory devices: materials, processes, devices, functionality and reliability (Fall 2016)

After graduation: Post-doctoral fellow, MIT Media Lab

Amir - The analyst from Egypt

Thesis: Non-planar nanotube and wavy transistors (Fall 2016)

After graduation: Post-doctoral fellow, UCLA

Galo - The versatile from Ecuador

Thesis: High performance electronics on flexible silicon (Fall 2016)

After graduation: Research scientist, EPMA, Switzerland

Abdulilah - The entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia

Thesis: Amorphous metal tungsten nitride and its applications for micro and nanoelectromechanical applications

After graduation: CTO, SEMC, Saudi Arabia

Ramy - The youthful from Saudi Arabia

Thesis: Multi-functional applications of graphene

After graduation: Director, Nanotechnology Center of Jeddah University, Saudi Arabia

Jhonathan - The composed from Colombia

Thesis: Towards Flexible Self-powered Micro-scale Integrated Systems (Spring 2014)

After graduation: Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, KFUPM

Fahad - The relentless from Bangladesh

Thesis: 3D Nanotube Field Effect Transistors for Hybrid High-Performance and Low-Power Operation with High Chip-Area Efficiency (Spring 2014)

After graduation: Post-doctoral fellow, University of California, Berkeley

Justine - The fearless from New York, USA

Thesis: Advanced nano-materials integrated micro-fabricated microbial fuel cell (Fall 2013)

After graduation: Research Engineer, DOW Chemicals

Salman - The trailblazer from Pakistan

Thesis: Nano-micro materials enabled thermoelectricity from window (Fall 2012)

After graduation: Process Engineer, TSMC, California, USA