energy storage

CMOS technology enabled flexible silicon based bio-safe micro-lithium ion battery

Wearable electronics need miniaturized, safe, and flexible power sources. Lithium-ion battery is a strong candidate as high performance flexible battery. The development of flexible materials for battery electrodes suffers from the limited material choices. In this paper, we present integration strategy to rationally design materials and processes to report flexible inorganic lithium-ion microbattery with no restrictions on the materials used. The battery shows an enhanced normalized capacity of 147 μAh/cm^2 when bent. 

This paper was initially presented at IEEE NANO 2015 and then it was invited to IEEE T-NANO.

A. T. Kutbee, M. T. Ghoneim, S. M. Ahmed, M. M. Hussain

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology ( Volume: 15, Issue: 3, May 2016 ) Page(s): 402 - 408

DOI: 10.1109/TNANO.2016.2537338