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Servus! This is your portal for information on the Illinois in Vienna Programs (IiVP). It contains resources for everything from program selection and application, pre-departure planning, academics, and life abroad. It also provides post-program options, including career planning and alumni mentoring. Use the sidebar to the left for curricular details, packing tips, finances, health, insurance, and much more.

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New Online Course: EURO 199 Smart Cities

How do European cities tackle the world’s most pressing problems smart and sustainably?

  • Join instructors from Paris, Rome, Vienna, and Granada in the new, online EURO 199 course on Smart Cities!

  • Through online meetings , expert guest speakers , and interactive assignments , Illinois students will have the opportunity to experience Europe from home. This course meets Social & Beh Sci - Soc Sci GenEd requirement.

For questions about the course, contact Walther Glödstaf:

    • Join us in Fall 2020 as participants in the new online GER 101 Vienna section with our experienced instructors Evita Nitsch (Austrian) and Kyle Schmude (American)!

    • This second eight-week course encourages students to explore the most liveable city in the world virtually with entertaining videos and interactive assignments.