We welcome you: wishing you blessings of good health, long life and happiness!


Discover a latent treasure... Explore an Island paradise... Broaden your perspective...

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In these times of adversity and avidya, we wish all in the world loving-kindness and the great blessings of the Triple Gem.

We trust that our leaders will follow the wisdom of the Middle Path and lead us all towards times of prosperity and vidya.

There is more wealth in our Island paradise than sapphire coastlines, emerald fields and ruby sunsets.

Our real wealth is humanity: in the hearts and minds of our people.

We the Hela are the indigenous people of Heladiva (Sri Lanka).

With humanity, wisdom and self-sufficiency as our noble and traditional values, we speak a unique language.

Explore this latent treasure; be enriched by it and may you help safeguard it for future generations.