A new way of engagement

As we look to the future and focus on our sovereignty, peace and prosperity, we must not ignore the big picture of the world we live in. In the 21st century, the Indian Ocean will be the center stage for neocolonialists as they jostle to secure resources, trade deals and geopolitical assets to enhance their dominance. 

Caught in the middle in a strategic location, is our island nation.

Courtney: Global Research
Neocolonialism: the use of economic, political, cultural, or other pressures to control or influence other countries, especially former dependencies. It is the practice of using capitalism, globalization and cultural imperialism to influence these countries in lieu of direct military control (imperialism) or indirect political control (hegemony).

Professing a self-styled moral authority by preaching democracy and human rights on the one hand; and simultaneously supporting numerous corrupt, undemocratic regimes on the other hand, the neocolonialists are set to repeat their age-old tactic of 'divide and conquer'. They will use their state run media to defame our democratically elected leaders and undermine the sovereignty of the Hela Nation. When their overt tactics fail to produce a favourable result, the neocolonialists will fly below the radar and enter into trade deals that exclude their competitors from engaging in fair trade with us.

In this new century, we need a new way of engagement. We need a new doctrine to protect and safeguard what we value (our security, sovereignty, culture, resources, economy, peace and prosperity) from the neocolonialists who have little or no respect for it. 

This new way of engagement is the Hela Doctrine.

The Hela doctrine of supreme sovereignty, non-alignment and fair trade. 

The first aspect of this doctrine is sovereignty. Our sovereignty is paramount to us. The doctrine of supreme sovereignty calls for a new constitution to strengthen our democracy against corruptible forces. An important aspect of our sovereignty is the re-establishment of the original identity of our island (Heladiva) and that of our people (The Hela), which was soiled and eroded by past colonialism. 

The second aspect is non-alignment. Our prosperity and security cannot be achieved by exclusively aligning with EURASIA allies or NATO allies or any other. Non-alignment is the wise middle path to economic prosperity and security. 

The third aspect is fair trade. Fair trade means the equitable free movement of excess goods, services, capital and labour. If any trade causes impoverishment to any community on the island then it is an unfair trade. Fair trade also means respecting the values and the people of our nation. In this 21st century, we will choose not to trade with countries that 'verbally bash' our democracy or cause insult to the sovereignty of our nation. We will choose not to trade with countries that covertly or overtly work to destabilise our Hela democracy. 

This is the Hela doctrine of supreme sovereignty, non-alignment and fair trade.

We now call upon our elected leaders to adopt the noble Hela doctrine of Supreme sovereignty, Non-alignment and Fair trade.