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We are not a political party, a religious organisation, a government, an agent or a non-governmental organisation. Neither are we supported or financed by any entity. We have no affiliation with anyone but ourselves.

We are the Hela Nation of Heladiva.


We launched Heladiva.Net our online presence in 1998. Many people from many walks of life contributed to the content on our website at the outset, and many have continued to do so ever since. We acknowledge all, and we sincerely thank everyone for their contributions. We bless each and every one of you with good health, long life and happiness. We claim no copyright on any content on this website. Copyright for original work remains with the artists, authors and their agents. The information we present in text, images and video and associated links are in the public domain, and our use of such is limited to educational purposes for the greater good of humanity.


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We encourage you to reflect on the content presented on this site and be the positive change that purifies your character.

We wish you blessings of good health, long life and happiness!


All correspondence to email: helafamily@protonmail.com