HeLA Democracy


Hela Standard

The Standard oF Heladiva

The modern standard [flag] of the Hela Nation. 

Humanity (love and kindness) is represented by the orange Sun-face.

Wisdom (knowledge and skillful practice) is represented by the red Lotus flower.

Self-sufficiency (sustainable prosperity) is represented by the golden-yellow Circle of grain.

In addition, the concept of sovereignty is represented by the golden-yellow border, the quality of being pristine (i.e. 'uncorrupted', 'unpolluted' etc) is represented by the white background and the principle of equity (equal opportunity) is represented by the royal-blue circle.

The Standard of Heladiva is copyright free and remains in the public domain for all time. 

When displaying this standard of the Hela Nation, we ask that it be duly respected and any depictions of the standard remain true to the original design and colours of orange, white, red, royal-blue and golden-yellow. 

The modern standard (flag) of the Hela Nation was designed by H.D. De Silva in 1998, inspired by the narratives and wisdom of Hela elders, past and present.

Why do we need a new flag?

Our Hela Anthem

Hela Jaathika Abimaane

Adapted & Updated Version.

[Original vocalisation by C.T. Fernando]
Click here to hear a version with the original lyrics on Youtube].



(Our) Hela national pride – instilled by heroes of our ancient past 

(Our) Hela motherland, make her prosper, make her beautiful – rise up, rise up and get ready. // 

Heroic acts of ancient children – They who upheld the sovereignty of our (Hela) Nation

You, who have in possession this (heroic) blood, be heroic – never be indebted. 

The mariner (leader) who drives the nation towards prosperity – (must recognises that) the farmer is the ‘god of the Earth’. 

In sadness and in joy the Hela will not falter and will maintain serenity – because the Hela are used to the practice of the noble eight-fold path. // 


The great rivers that are drawn to the ocean – diverted back into the fields 

Growing grain to make this Heladiva – The granary of the east. 

Conditioned to ingenuity, improvisation and frugality – (We shall) overcome misery and adversity.

(Let us) Start a golden age once again (similar to the reign of King Parakrama Bahu II) – in this beautiful land of the Hela. // 


PRONUNCIATION: Hela jathika abimanay – Vadu viruvan sey poranaay Hela mavubima savu siriyen sarasow – Pibidew, pibidew, sarasey. // 
Weera vikum paay pera dharuwo – Deasa racka mura keruwo Aay leyer athi oba sura viruwo – Nomawow naya karuwo Daya diyunaka pada yana navia – Govia bima devia. Wipathehi, sapathehi, nosalei, nothawei – Ata low dama huru Helaya. // 
Hela jathika abimanaay – Vadu viruvan sey poranaay Hela mavubima savu siriyen sarasow – Pibidew, pibidew, sarasey. 
Muhudata aydena maha ganga – Kumburata yali harawa Dhanya waga kota Heladiva mey – Pera diga ketha karawa Ara pirimasmata purudhuwela – Bidha lavu duka sanka. Parakum yugayak navathath arambow – Hela bhumithale ramya // 
Hela jathika abimanaay – Vadu viruvan sey poranaay Hela mavubima savu siriyen sarasow – Pibidew, pibidew, sarasey.  

Our Hela Sporting Emblem

Sporting Emblem of the Hela depicts: Courage 

(Colours: Royal-blue and golden yellow)