Garry Y. Itkin believes that building the right habits while in college is crucial. What first started as a plan to prevent gaining the "Freshman 15" became a long-term goal. The biology major from New Jersey subscribes to a healthy diet and engages in sports like basketball and football to stay in top condition. Like other people his age, he enjoys hanging out and doing exciting things with his friends. Recently, he has been practicing parkour so that he can be confident with his movement. It's also a great whole body workout.

Living healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Garry Y. Itkin hopes to encourage fellow college students to prioritize their well-being by making small changes to their daily routine. Meal planning and working out even for a few minutes is a great start, he believes.

Choosing a healthier path

According to freshman and biology major Garry Y. Itkin, life in college can be physically and mentally exhausting. But with the right habits, one will have the energy to fulfill all the demands and even have space for the fun stuff. Currently living in New Jersey, Garry wants to encourage people his age to start living healthy, not just to shake off the “Freshman 15” but see it as a way of investing in their overall well-being. Living healthy isn’t really difficult. One has to be intentional in choosing what will benefit the body in the long run.

When he’s not in school or working on course requirements, he can be found exercising at the gym. Apart from regularly going to the gym, he also engages in sports like basketball and football to stay fit. According to Garry Y. Itkin, these team sports are also a great way to hang out with friends. Just recently, he started training in parkour for disciplined movement.