Dave's Faves 2010

1. The Money Shuffle – Richard Thompson / Dream Attic

Diane and I saw Richard Thompson's terrific band at First Avenue this fall, and this recording is the same band recorded live. Most excellent.

2. Do The Murray - Los Lobos / Tin Can Trust

A little instrumental rave-up from Los Lobos. We saw them for the 4 billionth time at the Zoo last summer.

3. Howlin' For You - The Black Keys / Brothers

Steve sent me this CD out of the blue one day, and I liked it immediately. Kind of a spare, bluesy sound of guitar and drums.

4. Hit 'Em Up Style - Carolina Chocolate Drops / Genuine Negro Jig

I first heard this song on the Current, but I didn't catch who they were, and then the band was playing at the Zoo, and I was tempted to go, but didn't. I finally picked up this CD at the Fetus, and was pleasantly surprised. Some of it sounds like music for a Ken Burns documentary (I actually watched all of “The Civil War” after listening to it).

5. Family Tree - Shelby Lynne / Tears, Lies & Alibis

We saw a good Shelby Lynne show at a crappy venue (The Dakota – bad sight lines and noise from the kitchen). She was supporting this CD with a simplified band, and was terrific as always.

6. Not Fair - Lily Allen / It's Not Me, It's You

Admit it men, you've been this guy.

7. Gangster Of Love - Steve Miller Band / The Best Of 1968-1973

I always loved this little ditty from the "Sailor" record.

8. Groove Me - Maximum Balloon / Maximum Balloon

Featuring Theophilus London. Diane and I had a dance party at her house one night when I first got this. It's from a guy from TV on the Radio – David Andrew Sitek. I didn't care for the TV on the Radio CD I had, but this is very good groove music.

9. U Got the Look - Prince / The Hits

The best song from the best Prince recording, “Sign of the Times”. I've had this CD for years, but for some reason, I never picked a fave off of it. Now's the time.

10. Private Idaho - The B-52's / Wild Planet

I love the B-52's. For Sharon and Micheal.

11. Tiger - Maximum Balloon / Maximum Balloon

Featuring Aku. I really like the intricate little guitar riffs in this. It sometimes sounds like MTV era Peter Gabriel. There's also a song on this CD featuring David Byrne, that sounds like it could be a new Talking Heads song. (Speaking of MTV – has anyone checked out "The Cool TV"? Channel 210 in Minneapolis.)

12. Sexy M.F. - Prince / The Hits

I love it when this comes on my iPod when I'm walking around Lake Calhoun. The band is James Brown tight. Shake it!

13. Old #7 - Shelby Lynne / Tears, Lies & Alibis

This has a real Patsy Cline feel to it. Make it a double.

14. Sidney Wells - Richard Thompson / Dream Attic

A nice little serial killer ballad in 9/8 time. It was amazing to stand on the floor at First Avenue and watch Richard Thompson finger pick that electric guitar. I was in heaven.

15. New Day Rising - Bob Mould / Live At ATP 2008

A cover of an old Husker Du song from an LP that John gave to me because he couldn't handle it. A lyrically deep song with a beautiful melody. A perfect end to Dave's Faves.