Dave's Faves 2001

1. Everybody Went Low – John Hiatt / The Tiki Bar Is Open

John Hiatt is one of those guys that have been writing good songs for years, and everybody covers them, but I've never really connected with him. I picked this up on the strength of a free show of his at the State Fair in 2000, and it's a lot of fun.

2. Favorite Thing – The Replacements / Let It Be

The best song on the Replacements best recording. This is the record that caused me to buy 5 other Replacements records. They even cover Kiss on one track.

3. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana / Nevermind

I was never a big fan of suicidal whiners, but this is a great song. There's a great version of it in the movie "Moulon Rouge" when they're in the cabaret singing, "Here we are now, entertain us!". Unfortunately, that song is not included on the soundtrack (or it would be here instead of Nirvana).

4. Life is Bad – Shelby Lynne / I Am Shelby Lynne

Best new artist in 2000 (after 14 years in the business). She sounds like bits of Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow, and definitely has a harsh view of things.

5. Just Like You – John Mellencamp / Cuttin' Heads

Oh yeah, more Mellencamp. What can I say, I like the guy, and he keeps putting out quality work. Very nice riff on this one.

6. Look At That – Paul Simon / You're the One

This CD is on par with Graceland. I think it is more consistent musically and more coherent lyrically. The more I listen to it, the more depth I hear. You should buy it.

7. Take What I Can Get – Dr. John / Creole Moon

This CD got good reviews, so I picked it up used at Cheapo. I then saw him at First Avenue for $6 (I got a ticket from a guy in line). Definitely the best musical deals I got this year. Plenty of that New Orleans funk.

8. Cambia La Piel – Ricky Martin / Sound Loaded

Santa brought me this CD last Christmas, and it kept last winter very warm. It ain't art, but it's lots of toe tappin' fun.

9. Call That Love – Boz Scaggs / Dig

Absolutely the best CD of the year. I almost just bought a bunch of copies and sent them out as Dave's Faves 2001. Plenty of good licks in this one.

10. I Belong To You – Lenny Kravitz / Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits

Another gift from Santa. Lenny's got a fun retro sound that really grows on you. I never liked "American Woman" by the Guess Who, but Lenny's version rocks.

11. Peaceful World – John Mellencamp / Cuttin' Heads

A good song in the context of September 11th, although it was written before then. John Mellencamp has always had an open Midwestern sound that I like.

12. She Bangs (Spanish version) – Ricky Martin / Sound Loaded

For some reason the Spanish version is a little hotter than the English version. For some reason this song always makes me laugh. Maybe it's just its pure pop flavor.

13. You're Not – Boz Scaggs / Dig

This CD has some of the smoothness of "Silk Degrees", but also has a 21st century edge. The more I listen, the more I like.

14. Thought It Would Be Easier – Shelby Lynne / I Am Shelby Lynne

A little lighter flavor to this cut, although she's still singing about hard times. Her new CD ("Love, Shelby") is apparently a little bit more upbeat. I'll have to pick it up.

15. Somebody for Someone – The Corrs / In Blue

This CD has some great shimmering pop music on it. I'm a sucker for the 3 part female harmonies.

16. Old – Paul Simon / You're the One

Paul Simon's take on aging.

17. The Tiki Bar Is Open – John Hiatt / The Tiki Bar Is Open

I've definitely felt like this - Thank God the Bar is Open!

18. Back to the Island (Part 2) – Baha Men / 2 Zero O-O

Some fun island music. These guys sound like some band you'd see in the Holiday Inn in Jamaica.

19. Vanishing Point – Boz Scaggs / Dig

A nice smooth tune from Boz. He's got some good make-out music on this recording.

20. Litenin' – Dr. John / Creole Moon

A very hot tune from one of the most distictive voices in music. He had a smaller touring band with him when I saw him, but I'd like to see him with this group of musicians.

21. Paso En Tampa – Cubanismo! / Cubanismo! In New Orleans

The hottest live music of the year, literally and musically. We saw them on a hot, steamy June night at the Zoo. They were cooking, and we were dancing. It was fabulous!

22. Saint Tropez – Ricky Martin / Sound Loaded

Gotta end it with Ricky. I know this stuff is fluff, but it's just so dang much fun. Crank it up and hit the dance floor.