Dave's Faves 1993

1. Joy and Blues – Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers / Joy and Blues

Once again Ziggy is a big favorite, starting the tape for the second straight year. Caught the band in a great concert at First Avenue.

2. All Over the World – Wailing Souls / All Over the World

This band was a discovery early in the year. Also a good First Avenue concert.

3. Conga – Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine / Greatest Hits

What can I say? This song was a guilty pleasure when it was a hit. (I didn't think that I should be enjoying top 40 songs.)

4. Round and Round – Prince / Grafitti Bridge

This is one that just missed last year. Prince's stuff tends to grow on you.

5. Think – James Brown / Live at the Apollo, 1962

I've got an LP of JB at the Apollo in 1966, and the band is the tightest you've ever heard. this recording is more raw, but still captures the Hardest Working Man in Show Business at his best.

6. One Way Out – The Allman Brothers Band / Live at Fillmore East

The original LP is one of my well worn favorites of all time. This redone CD collection adds other recordings from the same concert stand. It's fabulous.

7. Route 66 – The Lamont Cranston Band / Upper Mississippi Shakedown

Imagine it's near last call in the late 70's at the Cabooze on 2 for 1 night. The Cranstons hit the spot.

8. Natural Disaster – Lonnie Mack / Genuine Houserockin' Music IV

From a great collection of cuts from the Alligator Records roster. Any of these collections is highly recommended.

9. When Jesus Left Birmingham – John Mellencamp / Human Wheels

This is not a Christmas song.

10. Constant Craving – k. d. lang / Ingenue

I know that I'm getting dangerously close to country music. I saw k. d. lang do this song on the Grammy Awards and was very impressed.

11. La Bamba – Los Lobos / Just Another Band from East LA

It wouldn't be Dave's Faves without Los Lobos. They used to do this song for an encore before the movie came out. Now they do "What's Goin' On".

12. What If I Came Knocking – John Mellencamp / Human Wheels

John Mellencamp's best recording since Lonesome Jubilee (on of the 1980's best).

13. Stranger Blues – Steve Miller / Wide River

Steve's back with a bluesy album that has some tasty stuff on it. Two guys from Minneapolis (Billy Peterson and Gordy Knutson, of Lamont Cranston) are his band.

14. Will the Wolf Survive – Los Lobos / Just Another Band from East LA

When they played this at First Avenue, I almost burst into tears, it sounded so good. The collection that this comes from is good, but I'd recommend the original recordings more.

15. Reggae Inna Summertime – Big Mountain / Wake Up

I bought this as one of those No Risk Disks at Title Wave, and I liked it. It's best in the summer sipping on a fruity cocktail. Just use it to imagine the summertime breezes n the winter.

16. Tip of the Iceberg – Black Uhuru / Iron Storm

These guys are favorites from the mid-80's. Their sound has mellowed lately, and they no longer record with Sly and Robbie, but still very enjoyable.

17. Shark Attack – Wailing Souls / All Over the World

Number one with a bullet last winter.

18. Get On Your Feet – Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine / Greatest Hits

Gloria is relentlessly perky, but her stuff with Miami Sound Machine is lots of fun. The CD is OK if you skip the ballads.

19. River Hip Mama – Charlie Musselwhite / Genuine Houserockin' Music IV

Another one from the Alligator collection. They really do rock the house. I almost included "Don't Do It", a song about aging ("If a rabbit won't eat it / You don't need it"), but I thought that hit too close to heart for most of you (I'm still in my 30's).

20. Stand On The Rock – Fleetwood Mac / Behind the Mask

I was going to leave the name of the artist blank, and have you call me with your guesses. It's from a post-Lindsay Buckingham recording, which I can't really recommend. You can hear Stevie and Christine in the backing vocals.

21. C'est La Vie – UB40 / Promises and Lies

UB40's best in years, much mellower that recent stuff. Recommended.

22. This One – Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers / Joy and Blues

Once again, I've got to end it with Ziggy. I love this band.