Dave's Faves 2000

1. New Direction – Sugar Ray / 14:59

Just a little eye opener. An uplifting start to Dave’s Faves 2K.

2. Dumpweed – Blink 182 / Enema of the State

Everyone needs a little head banging adolescent fun. These guys are a poor man’s Green Day.

3. Personal Space Invader – Sugar Ray / 14:59

This band at times reminds me of Devo and Oingo Boingo. On other cuts they have some finely crafted pop tunes. I listened to this quite a bit early in the year.

4. Ready to Run – Dixie Chicks / Fly

Once again, the Chicks have the best sing-along CD. Crank this one up during your morning commute.

5. Cradle and All – Ani DiFranco / Not a Pretty Girl

A couple of years ago I saw this intense woman with a cool guitar style on VH1, and I wondered, "Who is this?" I finally picked up this CD on the recommendation of someone at Cheapo and it’s great.

6. Kinky Reggae – Bob Marley / Chant Down Babylon

This is a new CD made up of old Bob Marley recordings remixed with contemporary artists, kind of like Natalie Cole’s "Unforgettable" that she did with her father, Nat King Cole. Bob Marley’s sons created it, and it’s very good. It’s definitely Bob Marley music, but with an updated sound. This cut has the Marley Brothers and the Ghetto Youths Crew.

7. African Sunset – Zap Mama / Seven

I’ve read interesting things about the mix of styles this group has. They sing in French, English and some African languages. It has a very upbeat sound.

8. Do Something – Macy Gray / On How Life Is

Best CD of the year. The sound has been labeled the New Soul, and I can see why. Very danceable.

9. Sarah – Prince / The Vault

This is from some 80s recordings that Warner Brothers had sitting around (thus "The Vault"). It’s not ground breaking, but it has some fun, jazzy funk from Mr. Purple.

10. Marry You – B. B. King & Eric Clapton / Riding with the King

B. B. and Eric finally record the music they’ve been wanting to do for years. Please, please, please do not read anything into the title or lyrics of this song. It just has the best guitar work of the CD.

11. Crawl Back (Under My Stone) – Richard Thompson / Mock Tudor

I picked this up on the recommendation of Doug Andrus. He said that he’d been listening to a lot of Richard Thompson, and the book "High Fidelity" said that Richard Thompson was the best guitarist around. The movie "High Fidelity" is a Dave’s Fave.

12. Compromise – Indigo Girls / Come On Now Social

The Indigo Girls are no longer just a couple of folkies. They put on a great concert at the Orpheum this year.

13. No Turning Back – G. Love & Special Sauce / Philadelphonic

This is kind of a weird cross between Philadelphia soul and Hip-Hop.

14. Hole in My Head – Dixie Chicks / Fly

They may be country, but they can rock.

15. Sex-o-matic Venus Freak – Macy Gray / On How Life Is

Another great tune from Macy Gray. Be careful that you don’t start singing the lyrics at the grocery store.

16. Deeper Well – Emmylou Harris / Lillith Fair, A Celebration of Women in Music, Vol. 3

This is a great collection of tunes from Lillith Fair bands from a couple of years ago. It got considerable airplay this year. I just started getting into Emmylou’s rocking on this one.

17. Legalise Me – Pretenders / Viva El Amor

A bunch of us caught the Pretenders at the Orpheum this year, and Chrissie’s still got it. She has her original drummer, who’s great, and the rest of the band rocks. I wonder if she ever wears pastels?

18. We Gotta Live Together – Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys

I always thought that this was Jimi’s best band. Buddy Miles and Billy Cox make a great rhythm section that gives Jimi a nice base from which to work. This cut starts out with a nice Sly and the Family Stone riff.

19. Luka – Suzanne Vega / Lillith Fair, A Celebration of Women in Music, Vol. 3

Another fine cut from the Lillith Fair collection. I almost paired this with the Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl”.

20. Roots, Rock, Reggae – Bob Marley / Chant Down Babylon

Aerosmith makes it to Dave’s Faves! This has Stephen Tyler and Joe Perry rocking and reggae-ing with Bob.

21. I've Committed Murder – Macy Gray / On How Life Is

All you old married guys better ask your wives to dance on this one. Do it before I ask them! Dave’s #1 Fave of the year.

22. The Million You Never Made – Ani DiFranco / Not a Pretty Girl

The founder of Righteous Babe Record comments on the music business.