Dave's Faves 1994

1. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers / Hollywood Soundtracks

This is a great tune from the movie Benny and Joon, This cut is from a $3.99 CD I got at Blockbuster. As soon as I heard it I knew it was a side starter for Dave's Faves 1994.

2. Brothers – John Mellencamp / Dance Naked

This is John Mellencamp's best recording since The Lonesome Jubilee. It also contains a great cover of Van Morrison's Wild Night.

3. Motherless Child – Eric Clapton / From The Cradle

This is the recording I've been waiting for Clapton to make since I used to listen to Spoonful off of Wheels of Fire. It's all blues covers recorded with almost no overdubs.

4. Longing in Their Hearts – Bonnie Raitt / Longing in Their Hearts

I like this CD better than her last two, and I liked them a lot. This title track was written with her hubby. Highly recommended.

5. I Can See Clearly Now – Jimmy Cliff / Cool Runnings Soundtrack

This is a cover of a Windex commercial, and it's kind of sugary, but it does take you to a warmer place with the beach and palm trees and sun and ...

6. Back To School – Worl-A-Girl / Worl-A-Girl

I discovered Worl-A-Girl on the Cool Runnings Soundtrack. I picked up this CD used at Applause, and was happily surprised. I use this song to teach Tony the alphabet.

7. Go Away – Gloria Estefan / Hollywood Soundtracks

The Pop Diva shows up again. This is a catchy cut from that Blockbuster CD (it also has Tina Turner and Joe Cocker, among others). From the movie Made in America.

8. Voodoo – The Neville Brothers / Live on Planet Earth

You have to forgive Aaron Neville for his Christmas gig with Nancy Kerrigan, he's in much better form with his brothers on this live CD.

9. No One To Run With – The Allman Brothers Band / Where It All Begins

This cut sounds like the Allman Brothers of old. They get into that jamming thing in the end. I love that kind of stuff.

10. Found Out About You – Gin Blossoms / New Miserable Experience

These guys were on the charts last year with this song and Hey Jealousy. My one entry from Generation X. Best band name of the year.

11. Quitting Time – The Roches / The Roches

This is a favorite from my Arizona days. It describes my new goal in life (or maybe it's not so new).

12. Intro + Don't Look Down – Lindsey Buckingham / Out of the Cradle

From the Master of the Finely Crafted Pop Tune, Lindsey Buckingham without Fleetwood Mac. I saw him on PBS one night playing stuff from this CD with a band that had five (count 'em five) guitarists.

13. Purple Haze – The Cure / Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

I thought side A was kind of mellow, so this should make up for it. Another recording in a number of Hendrix related stuff (Hendrix Blues, Jimi at Woodstock, etc.). This one is all covers from a number of bands (Clapton, Spin Doctors, Jeff Beck, etc.). It gives the guitarists a chance to pretend to they're Jimi.

14. Five Long Years – Eric Clapton / From The Cradle

Another cut from the new Clapton CD. I sure hope he tours to support it.

15. Stewart's Coat – Rickie Lee Jones / Traffic From Paradise

She always has at least one gem like this in all her recordings. Leo Kottke on guitar.

16. Cool, Clear Water – Bonnie Raitt / Longing in Their Hearts

Another one from Bonnie. Her State Fair concert was one of the best I've seen there, and one of the best of hers I've seen.

17. Miles Away – Jackson Browne / I'm Alive

Good ol' Jackson Browne is still hanging around. This CD is back to more personal stuff and less political than recent stuff.

18. All American Girl – Melissa Etheridge / Yes I Am

She was a near miss a few years ago, and now her new CD is really good. This song is a good rocker that shows her energy.

19. Mississippi – ZZ Top / Greatest Hits

OK, so they're not very PC. But if you're stuck in rush hour traffic, crank it up LOUD!

20. Ing – The Roches / A Dove

New stuff from the Roche sisters. They've been favorites for years. Also recommended is their Christmas recording We Three Kings.

21. Real Life – John Mellencamp / The Lonesome Jubilee

I've mentioned often the The Lonesome Jubilee is John Mellencamp's best recording, so here's my favorite song from it.