Dave's Faves 1991

1. Boys of Summer – Don Henley / Building the Perfect Beast

I was never much of an Eagles fan, but with this song, and his latest album, I've become a Don Henley fan. The 'Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac' line is a classic. We saw Don Henley at the State Fair last year (an excellent place to see a concert) - it was great.

2. Texas Twister – Little Feat / Representing the Mambo

Little Feat isn't quite the same band without Lowell Geroge, but I heard this song on the radio and it had an irresistible hook. The rest of the CD is pretty good, too.

3. Jenny's Got a Pony – Los Lobos / The Neighborhood

The best American Rock and Roll band. I saw them at First Avenue, they were great.

4. Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis / The Sun Story

A classic cut from the foundations of Rock and Roll. This is on a CD of old Sun Records sessions, including Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison.

5. Hard to Be – The Vaughan Brothers / Family Style

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Vaughan on a CD released after Stevie's death. Highly recommended - it's in our CD player frequently.

6. My Blood – The Neville Brothers / Yellow Moon

A new discovery for me this year. They warmed up Linda Ronstadt in concert, and I made note of the tunes I liked and the album they were on. The one with the most was Yellow Moon - very tasty.

7. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag – James Brown / The CD of JB

I've been into the roots of Rock and Roll and R&B, and no collection is complete without the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. Another recommended album is Live at the Apollo - dangerous music from the early 60s - music your mother did not want you to hear.

8. The Thrill Is Gone – B. B. King / Live at the Apollo

This is a new recording of a great B. B. King tune. We've been listening to a lot of blues lately.

9. The Coast – Paul Simon / Rhythm of the Saints

It's no Graceland, but it's got plenty of nice music, with some interesting rhythm. Give it a listen.

10. It's All Too Much – Joe Jackson / Laughter & Lust

Joe's a long time favorite, and this is the best tune on his new CD. The best Joe Jackson album is Big World. Buy it.

11. June Bug – The B-52's / Cosmic Thing

I was right about the B52's all along. I knew they had hit potential - I've got all their albums. John and I watched the balcony of Northrup bounce up and down to Love Shack at their concert there.

12. Attitude – The Replacements / All Shook Down

A deceptively mellow tune from the best Rock and Roll band from Minneapolis. Their early stuff is very hard and very good, and the song writing on all of their albums is excellent. Try it, you may like it.

13. Don't Come Around Her No More – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / Southern Accents

This is a mid-80's tune for Tom Petty that I kept hearing on the radio, but didn't know which album it was on. I finally figured it out and bought a used CD with it on. An excellent tune.

14. I Will Not Go Quietly – Don Henley / The End of the Innocence

Don Henley dedicated some other song to the Russian People after the coup failed, then he played this song. I think he should have dedicated this one because of the great chorus.

15. Oh Well – Joe Jackson / Laughter & Lust

About the only cover song Joe's done (with the exception of Jumpin' Jive) - but a great old Fleetwood Mac tune.

16. Let Me Love You Baby – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble / In Step

Stevie's great on a great rockin' CD. This is an old Willie Dixon tune.

17. Hootchie Kootchie Man – Muddy Waters / The Chess Box, Willie Dixon / The Chess Box

These two Chess Box sets have tons of great old blues tunes, many of which became Rock and Roll classics. Willie Dixon wrote it and Muddy Waters recorded it. Check 'em out.

18. Brother Jake – The Neville Brothers / Brother's Keeper

Another sweet Neville's song. I like this CD better than Yellow Moon.

19. The Ingenue – Little Feat / Representing the Mambo

I couldn't call this a great tune, but I sure like it, and the volume seems to get cranked when it's on.

20. Too Good To Be True – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / Into the Great Wide Open

Tom Petty was a major favorite in the early 80's, but faded after a couple of disappointing albums. But with Fool Moon Fever (Runnin' Down a Dream is one of the best car tunes ever) and this CD, he's back on Dave's Faves.

21. Emily – Los Lobos / The Neighborhood

You can never have too much Los Lobos. Get all of their recordings and enjoy.

22. No Business – Bonnie Raitt / Luck of the Draw

We're all happy for Bonnie's recent success - she deserves it, and this tune an CD are part of the proof.

23. Belong – REM / Out of Time

REM is another band that I liked their earlier stuff (particularly Murmur) but then they faded. This CD has a number of excellent tunes (but also some boring stuff). Only buy it used or with a deep discount. Mine was used.