Dave's Faves 1995

1. Bring It On – Seal / Seal

An excellent CD. I'd read reviews that were very favorable, and the description of his music seemed cool, so I took a chance and bought it.

2. Signs, I Can't Take It – Inner Circle / Reggae Dancer

This is the band with the theme song to the TV show 'Cops' ('Bad Boys'). This CD is kind of pop reggae, but very good. It seems to end up in my CD player regularly.

3. Islands Unite – Steel Pulse / Vex

This CD has the best bass lines. It rattles my car. I wish I had one of those huge speakers in my trunk. Can you hear your favorite island?

4. Inside Out – Timbuk3 / A Hundred Lovers

These two were a college band 10 years ago ("My future's so bright I gotta wear shades"). I decided to check out how they sound now, and I was impressed. Their lyrics still sound a little college-like, but who listens to lyrics?

5. Someone Else Is Steppin' In (Slippin' Out, Slippin' In) – Buddy Guy / Slippin' In

Buddy's best recording in years. Very entertaining. I can almost see Buddy playing his guitar out on First Avenue.

6. Solidify – Sheryl Crow / Tuesday Night Music Club

I kept hearing her hits on the radio, and I liked them, and then I heard the whole CD, and liked it more. This is a funky little cut.

7. What Would You Say – Dave Matthews Band / Under the Table and Dreaming

I'd hear these guys on the radio and go, "Who are these guys?" I finally associated the name with the tunes when I was poised to buy CDs.

8. Martyr – Rusted Root / When I Woke

I confused this band with the Dave Matthews Band. But they're looser and more quirky. This song is what latter day Talking Heads were trying to do, but not as successfully. Listen for the laugh.

9. Whirlwind Romance – Steel Pulse / Vex

The best reggae recording of the year. It was hard to pick which cuts to include.

10. Dreaming in Metaphors – Seal / Seal

Best riff of the year.

11. Power To Move Ya – Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers / Free Like We Want 2 B

The newest Ziggy, not as good as other recent CDs, but still enjoyable.

12. If I Were You – k. d. lang / All You Can Eat

A great voice (hear it January 30th at Northrup). This recording goes farther into pop and farther away from country.

13. Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root / When I Woke

I saw them do this song on David Letterman and said, "I gotta buy it". They're really a 90's hippie band. Highly recommended.

14. Just Wanna Funk with Your Mind – Timbuk3 / A Hundred Lovers

Quirky song, nice riff.

15. Into Your Arms – The Lemonheads / Come On Feel

This song was used in a commercial for some movie, and it really caught me. The rest of the CD kind of sounds the same. One hit wonders.

16. Dizz Knee Land – Dada / Puzzle

Their spelling, not mine (can you say trademark infringement?). When I first heard this song I wanted it, but the whole CD was not worth $15, so when I saw it used at Cheapo for $5, I picked it up (just in time for Dave's Faves!)

17. Your Favorite Thing – Sugar / File Under Easy Listening

Bob Mould's band (of Husker Du). Slashing guitar warning.

18. What's Next, Come Out and Play – Offspring / Smash

Someone accused Dave's Faves '94 of being too mellow. Here's the answer to that.

19. She – Green Day / Dookie

Yes, that's right, Green Day. I almost included 'Longview' ("And I'm f___ing lazy"), but I decided to go for PG-13 instead of R.

20. Molly – Sponge / Rotting Pinata

Cranked to the max while driving between work and home and kid's classes and day care and work and home with the windows in my car wide open last summer.

21. Believe What You're Saying – Sugar / File Under Easy Listening

Fulfilling the pop promises of Husker Du.

22. Ants Marching – Dave Matthews Band / Under the Table and Dreaming

This song wins the volume award, turn it up loud.