Dave's Faves 2002

1. Steve McQueen – Sheryl Crow / C'mon C'mon

A great opener from Sheryl. This CD has some nice songs on it, even if you've heard "Soak up the Sun" 4 billion times.

2. Malaque – Los Lobos / Good Morning Aztlan

What would Dave's Faves be without Los Lobos? I missed their Guthrie concert which I heard was great.

3. Simple – India.Arie / Acoustic Soul

This is probably my favorite recording of the year. She was on last year's "Peaceful World" by John Mellencamp. I wanted her to win the Grammy instead of Alicia Keys.

4. Dance & Shout – Shaggy / Hotshot

Michael Jackson makes it to Dave's Faves! This contains a sample of the Jackson's "Shake Your Body" in a song produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. I really like this recording, even with all of the booty songs with Mr. Lover.

5. Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution) – Elvis Costello / When I Was Cruel

Elvis' best CD in years – back to rock and roll after sleeping with Burt Bacharach. Second best concert of the year (after Boz).

6. So Right – Dave Matthews Band / Everyday

I was kind of down on Dave Matthews after the Crash CD. It seemed like he got the same disease that REM and U2 got when they became big – they started to play big arena style rock instead of stuff that sounded good in smaller venues. But I listened to this at the record store and thought it sounded good. I like it better the more I listen to it.

7. I Couldn't Put You Down – Lamont Cranston Blues Band / Lamont Live!

We just caught Lamont at the Narrows in Navarre – my new favorite bar. It's a nice little roadhouse kind of place and the Cranstons sounded great. I picked this up on consignment at Cheapo. It's great listening when you're headed out on Saturday night.

8. Gnawin' On It – Bonnie Raitt / Silver Lining

A nasty little number from Bonnie. She was her usual fabulousness at the Fair this year.

9. Jesus on a Greyhound – Shelby Lynne / Love, Shelby

Another fine CD from Shelby. What Would Jesus Drive? A Greyhound.

10. If I Had a Boat – Lyle Lovett / Anthology Vol 1: Cowboy Man

This was the third time that I've seen Lyle (warming up Bonnie), and I've always loved this song. I finally picked up this anthology, and it's really growing on me.

11. I See God In You – India.Arie / Acoustic Soul

My favorite song of the year. Even though this is basically a love song, I do see God in people, the 2002 election notwithstanding.

13. Luz de Mi Vida – Los Lobos / Good Morning Aztlan

Another fun song from Cesar Rosas. I like the mix of English and Spanish.

13. Loco Motives – Little Feat / Under the Radar

I finally caught Little Feat live at a rain soaked concert at the Zoo. The place was packed and people were dancing everywhere despite the rain. Unfortunately it was cut short during "Fat Man in the Bathtub" when the sound system started to make bad noises. I'll definitely catch them the next time they're in town.

14. Daddy Can I Turn This? – Elvis Costello / When I Was Cruel

A great rave up from Elvis. He's still got it.

15. Sing a Simple Song – Sly and the Family Stone / Greatest Hits

The best riff ever. I had this LP in Arizona, and it was guaranteed to send a party to the stratosphere late in the evening.

16. Chica Bonita – Shaggy / Hotshot

A perfect little song to send you on your way.