Dave's Faves 2009

1. Smash Lies – Matisyahu / Shattered

This is from an EP that I picked up early in the year, and it's also on his latest full CD, Light. It's got more electronica and beats than earlier stuff, but it's good.

2. Keep Your Head - The Ting Tings / We Started Nothing

I love the big beat of these guys. I tried to see them at the Varsity, but it sold out too quickly for me. Diane's daughter Megan was listening to them, so I thought I'd try them.

3. Mercy - Duffy / Rockferry

Also a Megan influenced song (I'm getting my music from 14 year olds now – it's the inner adolescent in me). She played it on her iTunes and I had to get it. It's got a nice 60's vibe.

4. Hey Ya - The New Standards / Rock and Roll

Dave's major fave of the year. I picked up this CD at the Fetus as a Christmas present for myself last year, and I fell in love. It's a local group with Chan Poling of the Suburbs on piano, John Munson from Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare on stand up bass and this fabulous vibe player Steve Roehm. Their "standards" are rock and pop tunes from the likes of the Clash, the Replacements, Britney Spears and Lou Reed. This is a cover of an Outcast song. Dig the vibes!

5. Bad Monkey - Richard Thompson / Sweet Warrior

I figured I needed some more Richard Thompson, so I picked this up. This is a nice rave up.

6. Real Love - Lucinda Williams / Little Honey

Diane gave me this as a present, and some of it is a little too country for me, but there are a number of great rockers like this. I wonder if this has anything to do with her wedding at First Avenue.

7. I'm A Man - Los Lonely Boys / Forgiven

We saw these guys at the Zoo last summer, and they put on a great show. A good cover of an old favorite, which Steve Winwood did not play with Eric Clapton at last summer's concert.

8. Truth! - Ruthie Foster / The Truth According to Ruthie Foster

Speaking of the Zoo, we saw Ruthie as a warm up act a couple of years ago. She was solo with just her guitar and she was fabulous. This is her latest CD with some great guitar work from Sonny Landreth.

9. Caldonia - Albert Collins / Frozen Alive!

I bought this in response to an email from Alligator Records. It was recorded in NE Minneapolis at the Union Bar in 1981. I've always loved this song when blues bands play it.

10. Fire - The Jimi Hendrix Experience / Are You Experienced?

I confiscated this CD from Tony when he was clearing out some stuff from his room at Karen's. It was just sitting in a pile, so I grabbed it. Besides, I lost my LP of this a while ago. I was first attracted to this song because of Mitch Mitchell's drumming, and it's still a fave. Tony and I are going to see the Experience Hendrix show at the Orpheum in March. It's a bunch of folks playing Hendrix songs for about 3 hours.

11. Dreamer - Prince / LOtUSFLOW3R

Prince channels Living Color. This is from the 3 CD set he released last year. This CD is my favorite, fairly funky and rocking. The MPLSoUND CD is like 80's Prince (hence the Minneapolis Sound). The other CD is the latest woman he was sleeping with (I listened to it once …).

12. The Static Age - Green Day / 21st Century Breakdown

I'm not as crazy about this as the critics are – too much art for me. It does have some good, loud tunes however.

13. Shut Up And Let Me Go - The Ting Tings / We Started Nothing

Best riff of the year.

14. Ex-Girlfriend - No Doubt / Return Of Saturn

We saw the big No Doubt show at the X and it was a ton of fun. Gwen is as hot as ever, and the band is great live. For the price of a ticket, they sent me their entire recorded catalog as MP3s. This is from that collection.

15. Joy on the Other Side - Ruthie Foster / The Truth According to Ruthie Foster

Although there is some additional accompaniment to this, it gives you a good idea of what she sound like with just her and her guitar. Excellent.

16. Maps - The New Standards / Rock and Roll

We saw these guys at the Cedar on Valentines Day, and they started their set with "I Scare Myself" by Dan Hicks. I was sold right there. Go see them if you can – December 30 at the Dakota or New Year's Eve at the Minneapolis Hotel. This is a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song.

17. $ - Prince / LOtUSFLOW3R

The biggest mistake of the year was not going to Paisley Park for his show. We were hanging out at Diane's with nothing to do on a Saturday night, but we figured the show wouldn't start until 3 AM, and what would we do with Megan? We should have gone and brought Megan with. The show started on time at 11 …

18. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson / Thriller

That's right, Michael Jackson. I bought this on the day he died (along with "Billie Jean" and "Beat It"). For all his weirdness, he still created this perfect pop song and you can't take that away from him. Go ahead, crank it up and dance like it's 1982!