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Rosie 5

This is an animation that I ran through DAIN to create an animated GIF

The OLD stuff! LOL

This fun short was made simply to test Sony Vegas Movie HD Platinum (30 day trial), which I bought immediately after making this - just a bunch of test renders that hadn't been deleted yet!

Some scenes I was testing lighting, others maybe shaders, or ocean waves....

I made this during the beta phase of Carrara 8.5

There was a lot of negativity going on about Daz putting all of this effort into Carrara only to bring Genesis to the table. Well Genesis changed the human CG world!!!

Carrara 8.5 also had a plethora of other incredible fixes, improvements and additions

Some shorts I made to advertise the products I sold at the Daz store. The other videos were much longer - I really liked to babble in my earlier videos! LOL

dB Animation Kit for Millennium Dragon 2

Carrara EnvironKits - Badlands

Swordworks for Michael 4

Some of my older instructional videos

One thing that really drives me nuts about my older tutorial videos is that I get a horrible hum in my screen captures and I didn't know how to deal with them, so I tried to mask it a bit with reverb and background music. I never thought that the music was too distracting, but I've heard otherwise. Another thing is that i was just in Carrara with screen capture on and barely a plan besides the main subject matter - no actual planned out session, so I just babble on and get sidetracked, etc.,

I do like how the usually begin with some kind of fun little animation, however! :)

Carrara Walkthrough: Shaders - Part 1

I find this one fairly beneficial especially to new users because I show a bit about how I work in the director's camera and help the viewers make quick and simple work of shaders for Generation 4 Daz (and other) figures that don't look like plastic.

My current figures use much nicer textures than what I illustrate here. My aim is to make a whole new series on Shaders, lighting and rendering, and how they all work together.

Carrara EnvironKit - Woodlands

My first EnvironKit product made for Carrara, I made this first video to show what it all contains - for it contains a LOT of stuff!

The base scene has a full 360 degree atmosphere and environment without much land detail except for the ground - a few hills, flat center for ease of animation with figures and aniBlocks, with a river cut through the ground with pre-animated water, which also fills the surrounding lakes.

The kit includes several cloud variations to turn on or off.

Trees and berries (for trees) are included both as preset objects as well as preset for use in the Plant Editor - and I also included some land formation presets that included trees, shrubs, some dead wood, etc.,

To help get folks started there are a ton of preset scenes, each version has morning and noon variations as well as versions using each of the three terrain shader presets that were also included.

This second video is a fun illustration of using the product, matching Palanque Ruins I bought at Daz 3D to blend right in!

Carrara 8.5 Pro finally released!!!

It was a long and fun beta period, so I was well acquainted with the 8.5 Upgrade by this point.

Before I get into the new aspects of 8.5, I have us load in a three-point light setup from the browser and align it with our default camera. Just a fun bonus topic to help folks along a bit :)

Then I mainly focus on Genesis, as it was brand new at the time and I was (still am) really excited about it.

I go through working with shaders and such in this first video and, in the second I continue on about Genesis and some of the other new features that come with Carrara 8.5 Pro, like various figure/selection zeroing and so on, tips on transferring your Genesis character morph setting to a fresh new copy of Genesis within Carrara, and also highlight modeling clothing for Genesis to bring into Daz Studio to finish it into a real piece of conforming clothing for your library.

While I certainly don't show off Carrara as an all-inclusive look at everything it does (it does a LOT!!!) I primarily show off what I like to use Carrara for.

This is a nearly one hour babble-session video!

Painting with Shadows is a fun exercise that I came up with to help get people into exploring more in the way of how to light your scenes or special object, etc.,

Lighting is one of the very essential parts of getting our CG to look the way we need it to, whether we're matching it to a back plate (live action footage) or making a cartoon or....

This video is intended to give inspiration toward spending a little bit of extra time in Carrara to have fun and enjoy how wonderful it is to work with the lights.

After releasing First Look at Carrara 8.5 Part 2, I've been requested to delve into the clothing process a bit further.

So here we go!

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Animation in Carrara - by Phil Wilkes

New to animation or not, I think that this video series is invaluable to anyone choosing to animate in Carrara.

PhilW always has a way of digging deep into subjects and provides that deep content in such a way that it becomes very quick and easy to learn from.

As with all of Phil's course video series', I watch this one repeatedly for fun, even after already learning what I wanted to know! Yep, I'm a big fan of Phil Wilkes!!!

Click this link to check out in detail everything that this amazing course has to offer:

Animation in Carrara Video Tutorial Course


Visit PhilW's store at Daz!


Introduction primer to Phil's Animation course above


This is the result of one of the lessons in the course. Although he provides the robot model he's built, he also shows how he set it all up. Very cool!!!

and support this site at the same time!!! :) Thanks!!! :)