Laurin Drums!

Laurin Drums Graffiti Snare and Floor Tom, and two Laurin Drums Crash Cymbals getting set up with my new Strike module.

Wow, does this thing ever Thunder!!!

After a solid three years and somewhat rocky fourth, my Alesis DM 10 X Mesh kit held up considerably well considering how often we play, and we play four hour gigs, so there's a lot of adrenaline - meaning a Lot of wear and tear on a drum kit - especially an electronic kit!

I've heard of Laurin Drums, a small company from Canada who makes new electronic drum triggers by hand and has unsurpassed customer support.

What I thought was kind of crazy is how hard it can be to find any information on the web about them, except from their store - which is a really cool store, by the way. Still, that makes it a little more difficult to make that decision to fill the cart and place the order.

Looking in the store, the testimonials are all very positive with nice remarks about their experiences.

I really wanted to try them, and they say that the owner is Amazing when it comes to questions, so I wrote him an email. His email address is right there in the store, inviting queries!

I expressed my needs and concerns and, before we knew it I was placing my order: 

I really needed cymbal pads Bad! So I got one ride, two crashes and a hi hat.

I've also been having a tough time with my snare pad, so I ordered one of their infamously gorgeous snare drums.

I have to say, "Gorgeous" is nearly an understatement!

First of all, the finish is Incredible!

We can opt for our own custom graphic, at which point we sent the image and he works with the customer until the proper 'look' is found, or we can pick from a huge selection of graphics from the store. I went with the latter and picked his "Graffiti" finish.

If we order a white drum head at the same time, he installs that and still includes the default black one. I ordered a white head, by asked him to install the black one. I think the black looks really cool.

The heads are awesome! I have both Alesis and Roland mesh heads on my kit. These are similar to both, the same as neither. They're their own unique head  and feel.

They respond really well, and I love the way Robert tunes them before shipping. I never changed the tension because it felt perfect right out of the box!

The cymbals were a bit of a surprise. Yes, they are metal and, yes they come with whatever graphic we pick (or customize) but as shiny as they look in photos, the actual playing surface is like a rubbery fabric that is not shiny.

They look great both on the playing surface and the brass or bronze finish of the actual metal cymbal on the opposite side.

Laurin Drums provides a very handy set of pdf instructions for each type of item ordered. They contain the recommended initial settings for nearly every e-drum module out there! You just don't see that at most trigger stores!

I recommend applying these settings right from the start, even of it doesn't seem like you need to change anything. I mean, it's your choice, you do you, but when I set these to his specs, they really freaking Performed!!! Wow!

That ride cymbal works So Sweet!!!

Being made of metal, the cymbals have a really nice, solid playing surface, which I really like. The surface on top makes them much quieter than we might expect. It's really cool!

I play these long, hard gigs, and I had a little trouble with some of the triggers. Robert is On It right away and working to make sure that my kit can meet the demands of our busy show schedule! 

I Love That!

Check out how nice the cymbals look on stage in our studio! Audience side above, playing surface below

First Live Show with my new Laurin Drums cymbals and snare

Thank You, Laurin Drums!!! 

Looking forward to filling the rest of the trigger zones with your amazing gear!!! 

It is my hope that this little page might help some of you make that decision to give Laurin Drums a try and see for yourself the wonders of Laurin Drums!