Character Design

Developing characters for our work is vital. Without characters, we have no story.

Early on in my adventure in all of this, I've felt that I needed to decide upon a method of building and storing my characters so that, when I bring them all together they appear consistent within the scene.

This video briefly demonstrates some of my most used techniques at the basic level. Characters are constantly being tweaked as we progress, but since I have a system that I use for all of them, right from the start - it's incredibly easy to get predictable results time after time.

The episode is demonstrating a particular scene file that I always use when creating a new character, or upgrading an old one.

dB's Character Template Scene File for Carrara - Free Download

Check out some great character shaders made specifically for Carrara!

Using kits like these are a great way to learn how to build high-end shaders. Keep what works for you and develop the rest as you see fit!

My Genesis 1 Rocks! page has a Lot of information on getting the most of what I consider to be the most versatile 3D figure on the market.

We get a small glimpse of dynamic clothing in the video. For that I'm using what we call VWD - short for Virtual World Dynamics Cloth and Hair, along with a bridge to Carrara made by our very own Philemo!

I'm using the latest version of VWD which simplifies the entire process with "Assistants".

For some wonderful conforming clothing support from one generation to another Sickleyield, at Daz 3D makes some very handy conversion tools and clones - and she includes excellent documentation to help us get the best results for what we're trying to accomplish!

I also have a special page for using Daz Studio for creating content: Content Creation Tools

This goes along with my Modeling for Genesis and PC+ Cloth Frenzy in preparation and support for subjects to come!

One of the great resources that helped me get my V4 based hero looking the best she's ever looked, is Indigone's V4 Skin Shader Kit and Lights. Beyond that, however, her accompanying tutorial has really taught me a ton about shaders.

This kit contains shaders for all of V4's various parts in separate shader files. The tutorial explains which goes where, but their descriptive names say it all. This set may be for V4, but it works for Genesis, M4, V3... any 3d figure, really. It makes use of Sub-Surface Scattering, Highlights and shininess, and just really walks you through the whole process. The lights set that comes with it was developed by her over a long period of optimizing shadows - and really makes your figure look good!

If this sort of thing interests you, she also has an eyes shader package available: Endless Eye Kit for V4

Note: You'll need to have or create a free account at ShareCG in order to download either file. ShareCG has been trusted and used by many of us here for years. If you have an interest in obtaining quality free stuff for Carrara, I recommend signing up.

If you really want a quick and simple method of just getting some basic shaders without a lot of fuss, check out my Character Shader Basics article.

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