Rosie 567

She's Coming!!!

The latest version of Rosie will be able to jump back and forth between Daz Studio and Carrara!

No crazy exporting or manipulations... just load from the library and go!!!

She's nearing completion, but not quite there yet.

This image (below) is a celebration of my latest epiphany - using dForce and Linday's Classic Long Curly Hair to build up a conforming hair with a plethora of Joint-Controlled-Morphs created directly from Simulation data - and it works!

I still have a way to go, but I wanted to give a small sample of where I'm at.

In this image she's also wearing her own custom GeoShell, and I made up the transparent shader with V4 HiRes Wet Maps (Specular and Bump).

I ported Arki's EYEdeas 4 for Genesis 3 Females over to Rosie and am also using PhilW's Eye Surface for Genesis - and he made his "Bright Eyes" for both Daz Studio and Carrara - so, win Win!!!

I really like the modern shaders for the latest few generations of Genesis, so I've used those as a base to work from and have come up with a really nice skin shader for Rosie using V4 Elite: Reby Sky.

Her shape comes from many sources - Sol for G8F and G3F, Star 2, Aiko 6, Gia 6, Victoria 6, Victoria 4, Stephanie 4, Arki's EYEdeas 4 and many shaping morphs from across generations 5 through 7.

After all of this time learning about many of the 'not-so-obvious' tools of Daz Studio, I've really come to love this software, and Carrara has been a Huge asset through this whole process, which is my Favorite Reason to even use a computer - Period! Carrara Pro ROCKS!!!

A Closer Look

This is but a handful of the products from Daz 3d used in putting Rosie 567 together

Although Rosie is a Genesis 1 figure, these wonderful shapes and slight rigging changes were brought in via GenX2

I have an extensive collection of shapes for Genesis, but bringing in specific shaping details was essential to me to tweak her into this newer version.

The idea came from the version of G3F Rosie I was working with.

While I am using GenX2 to add Genesis 2 and 3 Female shapes to Genesis, Genesis shapes and morphs are still a very essential part of making a good Genesis character. Evolution Morphs provide important shaping and scaling options - even for specific parts of the body, and Genesis Alive! adds wonderful new morphs and aniBlocks to assist in our Genesis 1 adventures - even a Foot Correction aniBlock for use on Genesis when using generation 4 animation data!

Genesis 3 is a marvel in bringing more modern rigging, UV Mapping, Weight Mapping and overall computer efficiency to the Daz 3d human lineup.

Part of this went into opting for less immediate, constant definition of the actual shaping details on the base mesh, and using HD morphs to add detail as the character/artist requires it.

So when sticking with two generations earlier as my base mesh, it actually works better for me (in my current tests) to use Genesis 2 Female shaping morphs for the body details, as it sculpts them right into the base mesh. Genesis 2 Female's base shape is very feminine and detailed, especially when combined with the official Daz 3d shaping morphs:

Aiko 6 brings up the Super Hero body shape I wanted for Rosie - longer legs, shorter torso, and physicality to her stance and proportional shapes.

Gia 6 adds a more sturdy skeleton and a rock-solid physique.

Victoria 6 Supermodel takes the above and accentuates the muscle and heroic nature of her overall shape and makes her ultimately more sexy.

Supermodel adds a lot of height, so I used quite a few of the Genesis 1 Evolution and Base morphs to edit her back down to being the tiny little thing that she is.

Arki's EYEdeas 4 and PhilW's Eye Surface for Genesis are both essential to me for a main character, like Rosie and Dartanbeck.

EYEdeas adds essential shaping of the iris and pupil (and a whole lot more!) while Eye Surface for Genesis corrects the fact that Genesis 1 is the only Daz Figure that came without that extra layer for moisture and shine (and reflection/refraction)

They also each come fully loaded with options for tweaking the eyes.

EYEdeas 4 has a plethora of texture options for the actual eye surfaces and PhilW made his Eye Surface for Genesis product a special bundle that also includes his Bright Eyes products - for Carrara and for Daz Studio, each loaded with more options for the outer eye surface than any one person might need - but both artists like to make sure that everyone gets something that they want - and Completeness is the best way to do that!

Bravo to you both!!!

SickleYield's Genesis 3 Female Clone for Genesis was also very instrumental in this whole project.

In the case of the hair, I also used her Genesis 8 clone for Genesis 3, and then this one to bring it to Genesis (Rosie).

I have more info on how I do these conversions in my Content Generations Conversions article, which makes it possible for me to use any clothing for any of Daz 3d's figure on Rosie and Dartanbeck and any other character I'm working with.

Gone are the days of incompatibility - and I Love That!!!

Again opting with the V4 UV Mapping, I'm still using the amazing texture work of V4 Elite: Reby Sky for the skin textures and SSS controllers, and Surreality SG Real Eyes for the eye textures.

Reby Sky has high-res maps that work beautifully for Rosie's appearance, and SG Real Eyes has literally hundreds if not thousands of possibilities.

I'll also blend various iris textures - one for the base color, another for translucency, etc., to get different effects as light reflects from them at different angles - Fun!!!

This is just the beginning. Later we'll dive in much deeper into all of the new advancements I'm putting into this character - why I'm doing it and how I use it to animate her!

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